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Monday, May 29, 2017

Gaia 5/29/17

Aloha Família!

First off, Happy Bday Jonah!!!! 18yrs old man! Parabens!!! Looks like da holoholo was mean! Da beach was looking good!

Élder Wanlass and Élder Kim
Last picture before transfers.
We traded ties.
Second off, life is going good here in Gaia. Transfers went down as smooth as transfers can go. Elder Wanlass went, and Elder Karthigeyan came in, and as always the adventures never stop. First thing me and Elder Karthigeyan did was help the sisters out by jumping thru their 5th story building window....yeah never doing that again, haha. Nothing better to build a relationship than life threatening situations.

Elder Karthigeyan is super cool! So he’s the first missionary from India to serve in Europe. He speaks 13 languages, 11 Indian languages, English, and Português. He’s got about a year on the mission, and actually started his mission here in Gaia. We’ve had a blast working hard here the last few days!

Élder Karthigeyan, Élder Kim's new companion. 
"He is the man!!! I'm learning Hindi phrases
and eating with my hands. It's great. kkk"  
We’ve been working hard, talking to everyone and prioritizing working with the members. On Friday, a member called us and brought us a man she had contacted on the street. We taught him the restoration and he said he’d read and pray, and accepted baptism on the 17th! We showed him the font and he was  happy. Interestingly enough, he’s not from our area...he’s from Gaia 2 ward. But it’s all good though, we’re happy that he’s progressing in the gospel.

Élder Kim and Carlos Braga
There is a member whose name is Carlos Braga. He has a CRAZY conversion story, and suffers from some issues due to a rough past, but when we visited him the other day, he was telling us how it’s hard cause he no more work, so he just stays home. We were like well, you can come out and work with us. So, for two days straight, he walked around with us for a few hours each day. His faith, and commitment are awe inspiring and really touches me. We knocked a door, and I start the contact, and he keeps looking at me, so I’m like Irmão you wanna talk, he’s like yeah. So, he like starts teaching this guy in the door and shares his testimony, getting this guy thinking, then he passes it back to me, and I just ask to come in and he accepts, and we teach him the 1st lesson. Was mean. I love Irmão Carlos Braga!

I know that God lives, and that He loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that EVERYONE can also know that for themselves thru the Holy Ghost.

Family, I love you guys! Keep up the great work! Stay safe! Jonah, Happy Bday!!!

During transfers, Élder Kim was briefly reunited with
his "son", Élder Dias, who was passing thru on his way to his new area in Covilhã, 
where there is a branch of 12 active people.
"He's already killing it in his new area. I love Élder Dias!"
Élder Dias and his companion found nine people to teach in their first week in Covilhã
and committed one to baptism in two weeks. He is "killing it!"

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