Élder Kim was recently transferred to Vila Nova de Gaia, just south of Porto across the river Douro. The site dates back to Neolithic times. Gaia is famous for its 17 "Blue Flag" beaches. Church-wise, Gaia has the largest ward Élder Kim has served in. (In the picture, he shares the same "genealogy" with these elders: e.g. Élder Meza (right) is the "great-grandfather," and Élder Kim is his "son.")

Friday, August 18, 2017

Tchau Gaia!! 8/14/17

Elder Kim, Karthigeyan, Sister Paulos,
Sister Nance, Elder McClure, Elder Carvalho
Last picture with this district!
Aloha Família!

This week was a great week! It was super long, and we worked hard, but was good! Also, HAPPY 22ND MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY TO YOU GUYS, MOM AND DAD!!! 

We had a huge council meeting with all the district leaders, zone leaders, sister training leaders, assistants, and other invited missionaries, and Presidente and Elder Moreira of the 70! It was really big! It was two days of training and spiritual learning and was good! I learned a lot about how I can be a better leader and I'm excited to repent and be better! Also, we had Elder Casper and his comp staying at our house so that was cool to catch up and stuff.

In mission lingo, to die means you
have finished your mission and may
return home. Sister Paulos has "died"
and this "funeral" is her sending off!
Note the "RIP" brownies!!
We taught this lady about how her baby wasn't lost, but that she would see him again. We read Moroni 8 with her, and you could tell that she was feeling the spirit! I'm so grateful for the plan that God has for each and every one of us. I know the plan is perfect, that He hasn't put us here to fail, but to succeed, and that He never forgets us!!!

We accomplished all the challenges for the Presidente this round! The last one was to bring 2 people to church. We only had one, we had done our best and like towards the end of sacrament meeting 3 people that we had invited walked in!!! HE IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!!! 

Transfers came in and I'll be going to Santarém, otherwise known as Siãotarém!!! (Sião means Zion in Portuguese) I'll be serving with Elder Maloy!!! He was my district leader in Coimbra 2 and is the man!!! I'm super excited to go serve there, but I gotta say I'm a little sad to leave Gaia. Its grown on me. I know Elder Karthigeyan, and Elder Quaresma (my replacement) will do good work!

Family, I love you guys!!! I just want you guys to know, that God lives! He knows best! As we do our best and trust in Him, doing what He's asked that we do, it's all gonna work out!!! Today is a new day, and it's gonna be great!!! Love you guys!!!

com amor,
Élder Kim

A car fire that happened just outside our apartment.

Added this picture just because my dad drives his own fire engine!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Gaia 08/07/17

Aloha kākou, e ka ohana!

It has been a hot week in Gaia but it’s been great!

Elder Kim and Carlos
We’ve been able to help Carlos Peixoto with dropping smoking again, and he came to church this past Sunday! I think it is the first time in a while. Was super cool, we had a lesson with him the other day, and he basically bore his testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel and how it blesses our lives. I was SOOOO happy! HE KNOWS IT’S TRUE!!! I told him that it would be when I first met him, but he didn’t believe me at the time. But now, he’s tried it for himself, he tested it, and he KNOWS it’s true!!! He sees the blessings! Just makes me sooo happy! ITS ALL TRUE!!!!

We got Jaber to a baptism again! He gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon and he’s reading it! He is still SUPER hardcore Muslim but he’s reading the Book of Mormon; I know that as he does it in the spirit of prayer, he, just like anyone else, will know its all true! We’re giving him some space to read but we’re hoping to talk to him this week about how its going with the Book of Mormon.

Estevão has been traveling so we haven’t been able to talk with him, but he should be back this week. He has been reading the scriptures of the day we’ve been sending him, so that’s cool!

We found a cool Brasilian family, and it was the mom’s birthday!

Elder Kim, Maria Alice, Elder Karthigeyan
A lady Elder Karthigeyan and I found got baptized this past Saturday! Her name is Maria Alice, and she’s soo sweet! We had to pass her (over to the sister missionaries) cuz she lives by herself, even though she lives in our area, but we’re happy for her!

This week, we got some huge mission leadership meetings, and I’ve been asked to make some presentations, so we’ll see how that goes, haha.

Family, I love you guys! I know this gospel is true, and I know that the gospel and the commandments exist to bless our lives!!! We just gotta do our part!!! Have a great time back at school! Work hard, learn, have fun!!! Also be safe!!! Mom. I’m going to pray for your knee! Have a great week guys! Love ya!!!

com amor,

Elder Kim

A medieval fair was held in Santa Maria da Feira. According to Wikipedia, the fair is
held every summer to honor the Santa Maria da Feira castle, constructed in the 11 century,
which was home to Portugal's fist king, and an emblem of Portugal's military architecture.
The castle, set on a hill, was of considerable strategic importance.
This fair takes everyone back to medieval times. 

Elder Kim and Elder McClure sparring.......
The district went together to spend P-Day at the fair. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gaia 7/31/17

Aloha Família!

This week was a pretty good week! We worked hard, found some cool people, got wrecked small kine but we still leveled up, haha.

We taught that Brasilian family that the member presented to us a week or two ago, and we had a...not bad lesson. We went in trying explain baptism better and stuff. They didn’t understand, and they were like ok, what is the difference between our church and your church? And I’m thinking authority! We had Carlos Braga with us, and he’s like “may I answer”, and I’m like “yeah sure”, thinking we were all on the same page....turns out we weren’t. He’s like “one of the differences between us is that we do baptisms for the dead” and I’m like "NOOOOOO!!!!!". That was it, lesson #gotwrecked. They just unloaded on us, haha. We survived though, we got out alive and we’re hoping to explain authority better along with the plan of salvation next time. LOL!! Was a funny lesson, makes me laugh just thinking about it, haha.

We were able to teach our Muslim investigator Jaber again. It was a LONG LESSON! We ended up missing the bus we had originally planned to catch back and got trapped there for like 2 hours, haha. At least they fed us AWESOME Syrian snack food :) He has a lot of doubts, and is hard core Muslim and Koran and stuff, and we’re trying to help him understand better. We’re excited though to keep working with him, especially now that we have a Book of Mormon in Arabic for him to read!

Estevão came back for like a day and we were able to make plans with him for his baptism on the 2nd of September. He’s solid for that day, looks like. He just can’t do it earlier because of all the traveling he has to do. He’s soooo cool! We’ve been sending him scriptures every day for him to read on his phone as he travels, and he loving um!

Friday, we #gotwrecked hard. Everything fell thru....nobody wanted to talk to us....was pretty lame...we kept going though, trying to do our best despite all of it, even though it was pretty discouraging, and right at the end of the day we were lead to this family who let us right in! Gods got a plan! We just gotta trust and keep doing our best!

We completed all the challenges of the Presidente, and we’re gonna keep working hard talking to everyone, preaching repentance, and just getting buckwild! I love being a missionary! Its super stressful, and it’s a lot of work, but the feeling of peace, happiness, accomplishments, and purpose that come are just awesome! I KNOW THAT GOD LIVES! Life just makes soooooo much sense when in the context of the gospel!!!

Family, I love you guys! Glad to hear you guys had a good reunion!!! Please continue to look for ways to put God in first place in your guys lives, cuz as we do, everything else falls into place! It works! It’s true!!! Love you guys!

com amor,
Élder Kim