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Monday, July 25, 2016

Póvoa de Varzim 7/25/16

Aloha e ka ʻohana!

Can't believe it but this transfer is winding down already! Fastest transfer ever!!! 

Some cool things that happened this week was that we were knocking doors in this one place, and there happened to be an enclosed soccer field. We were like hmmm.... there were all the community kids playing. We went over and asked if we could play, dressed in our white shirts, haha, and they were like yeah sure! So we played and it went great! After we sat down and talked to a few of them about why we dress the way we do and stuff. It was great!

Remember that kid that kicked my butt last week at basketball? Well we were knocking doors the other day, in a different part of town and we found his house!!!!! Turns out, he's from Angola, and lives with his family of 6!!!!!! We are trying to schedule a time to go and talk with them. The only problem is the dad is away a lot because of his work, but we'll find a way!!!

We had Zone Conference this week and something I really liked was this quote from Presidente. He said "If we're doing things for the right reasons, and do our part, we will have good weeks", and also "When you put first things first, second things come free, but when you put second things first you likely lose both". I just loved Zone conference sooo much, and I felt like I received so much guidance on how I should be working. I'm sooo grateful for inspired leaders who help us achieve our potential.

Random thoughts: A lady thought I was from Ukraine. Found a super cool inactive. Everyone is harvesting their onions. A drunk guy ruined our lesson with some investigators. We just been running into tons of people on the street who knew the elders in the past and like contact us on the street. I only got 20 pages left to go in my Puke o Molemona, aka ke hemahema mai nei koʻu olelo hawaii!!! Aue!!! kkkkkk. We've been saying "tem que ser" a lot which means, has to be. So like we'll be walking down the street, have a bad contact, and after we're like shucks, tem que ser, haha. My English and Hawaiian are gonna be soo messed up and mixed up with Portuguese by the end of this mission, hahaha.

Funny thought: for some reason this whole past week everyone's been asking me if I'm Brazilian! SOOO FUNNY! I definitely don't look it, that's why!!! Apparently though, I kinda talk like them, even though my accent is different.

Spiritual thought: Me and Elder Nunes have been teaching this older mom and son, and we were able to mark them for this weekend. But throughout the week I was thinking about if they'd be ready or not. I knew they could be if that was the will of God, but on the "realistic" level they wouldn't be. So me and Elder Nunes decided to fast and pray. We came to the decision that we could probably get them baptized this week if we really pushed them, but the better course of action would be to wait. I'm soo grateful for the guiding influence of the Spirit, because as a missionary we really would be lost without it!

Just wanna give a big shout out to all my friends serving missions!!! I love you guys sooo much!!! I'm so proud and honored to be able to serve with you in the Lord's vineyard!!! 

Kaʻai, man, I'm SOOOO HAPPY!!!! That's seriously awesome!!! One, you just made those elders week. Two, you made the decision for yourself. I honestly thought you were already baptized, but I was sooo happy, and proud to read and know the you'll be baptized.

Sister, I'm sooo proud of you too!!! It makes me sooo happy knowing that you, like so many other people, are taking that first step to come unto Christ, and really open the door for him to bless you more in your life!

I love you all, family!!! Keep up the great work!!! One more week of summer, make the most of it!!! Can't believe it's already over for you guys. Here it's just starting, and everyone is at the beach. Kinda makes me miss the ocean, but hey mission first right? haha. Anyway, love you guys!!!

com amor,
Elder Kim

ps. sorry this letter is just all over the place haha. hope it makes sense haha

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Póvoa 7/18/2016

Olá família outra vez! (Hello again, Family!)

It's been a rather hectic week this week with all the different meetings and change of P-day. Because of that, and other stuff out of our control, it been a rougher week than normal, which is hard, but me and Élder Nunes are still going strong.

This is a view from our house. It's chilly at night sometimes, 
and sometimes foggy in the morning. 
The weather here in Póvoa has been HOT!!! Man, it's been really hot. Some days the wind will blow, but it seems to have left us for a while. So, it's just us, the sun, and the sweat dripping from everywhere, haha. Gotta watchout bumbai I come burnt. We meet a lot of fisherman. Póvoa is definitely a fishing town, but it also seems like it gets a lot of people here too. The beaches are super beautiful, and nowadays they're jammed packed all day, every day. It's pretty crazy! I'm always like "shucks, I miss the beach", haha, as I sweat away in my white shirt and tie, haha. I'm trying to be patient. Élder Nunes is a great example of patience in my opinion, so I am trying to learn from him.

On Wednesday, I woke up, did my exercises, and I was feeling like I'd taken everything into account and had planned it all out. In the middle of studing, I get a call from the office that we were late to do Élder Nunes' residency! I was like "oh man!!!" So we end our studies, run to the metro, catch the metro to Porto, and do his residency. I was like, 'I'm sure it was supposed to be tomorrow...', but it turns out, I filled out my planner wrong so that it said it was the 12th, when it was actually the 13th. sigh.... Still working on it haha. 

Random pict by our house, but not of our house. I took the pict 
to put into perspective that Póvoa is a city, 
but country too. It's a weird combination, but I like it.
I also played some pick up b-ball with this kid who was playing by himself. He totally kicked my butt haha. I'm outta shape!!! We're gonna try and go back next time and play with him, but with a challenge that if I win, we get to teach him, and if he wins, we'll treat him to McDonald's....then well teach him anyway. hahaha

We found this x-investigator the other day, or actually, she found us. Apparently, she was almost baptized 2 yrs. ago, but for some reason, it didn't happen. She loves the Élders though. So we ended up going out to her house, which is SUPER far, teaching her and helping her make a plan so she can be baptized. While we were out there, we had to eat lunch on the way haha. So, I bought bread and tuna, and had tuna sandwiches on the steps of a catholic church haha. My hands were covered in oil from the fish, hahaha.
Élder Nunes and I eating our lunch on the go 
on the steps of the Catholic chapel, haha
I had the opportunity to do my first baptismal interview. I was kinda nervous, cuz it's like the salvation of somebody's soul you're talking about. I studied that morning though, and I had talked to the ZLs, and she was soo ready. When I got there, I did the interview, filled out the paper, and she was good to go.

I am thankful to the Lord for the opportunities He's given me to learn and grow. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have here to be a representative of Jesus Christ. It really is sooo awesome!!! THE GOSPEL IS STILL TRUE!!!

Love you, family! Ficam fixes! (Stay cool!)

com amor, (with love)
Élder Kim do cabelo de fogo (Elder Kim fire hair)
6 month mark - missionary photo

ps - I'm in the last 50 pages of Ka Puke O Molemona!!!

Note from Parents:
The address posted last week had a typo. This is the corrected address:

Élder Hyrum K. Kim
Rua Sacra Família n 72 1C

I FOUND A KALO PLANT!!! I still haven't found any Hawaiian people though, but Élder Meza told me last week he talked to some Hawaiians in Madeira, that their English was terrible (pidgin), and they spoke Hawaiian! I'm sooo jealous!
Póvoa de Varzim, Porto
4490-548 Portugal

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Póvoa 7/12/2016

Feliz Aniversário Pai! Feliz Aniversário Haili!!!

Sorry I can't be there, but I do love you guys and hope you had/have a great b-day!!!

I've officially been on the mission for 6 months. I only got a "sister mission" (18 mos) left to go!!! hahaha. Even though it kinda sounds like a lot of time, it really isn't! I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about it, but here are some thoughts I had when I made 6 months:

1. God is helping me out. He really is. Straight up. There is no other explanation. I am soo thankful for Him helping me get to where I am. 6 months ago I couldn't speak Portuguese, I was super home sick, and I had no idea what I had gotten into. He guided me, and is continuing to guide me, to be the person He needs me to be.
2. The mission life is tough on your body, mind and soul, but I like it!
3. I still haven't found anybody from Hawaii, who speaks Hawaiian, or anyone who knows anything about Hawaii....let's have a moment of silence....kinda sad but I can't say it's not expected haha
4. I didn't burn a tie....
5. My clothes still fit, my belt is still good, and my shoes still look good haha.

This week has been rather hectic and cool!

I think I might've mentioned this last week, but last Sunday after church, this guy contacted us and asked us when our church held our services. We responded that it had just finished. He was like shucks, so we marked an appointment with him. We ended up meeting with him and talking and he's super cool! He's got 8 kids, loves the Bible, straight up accepted the invite to read the Book of Mormon, and was like 'I'm coming to church'!!! So he came to church! What made it all the cooler is that we're hoping to be able to help into the waters of baptism this transfer!

We found this super cool investigator named Marcela. She is evangelical, and totally believes in God. We taught her the restoration. She had some doubts, which we answered, and marked to talk with her and her family next time. This is where it gets interesting. She pulls out her phone to see when she's available and stuff, and I happen to look at her phone and I see that it's in Korean (must be my Korean instincts that told me it was Korean haha. No can read um but can recognize um, haha) I'm like, "hey do you speak Korean?" She says, "yeah!" I'm like 'WHAT!!!' Turns out she's learning how and is super into k-pop, and LOVES Korean dramas! I was like "do you know Running Man?" and she was like "yes!!!" 

This week was especially crazy cuz Portugal won the European Cup! Man it was nuts!! Fireworks, cars honking, people yelling craziness!!! And America thinks that the Super Bowl or March Madness is big...pfff, they don't know nothing, haha!!

We also had a special Mission Conference with all the missionaries of the mission yesterday!!! That's why I wasn't able to email you guys on Monday. It was super cool to see everyone I'd met before and to meet new people! I talked a lot with Elder Meza and Elder Wanlass! I love missionary friends!!!

Football madness (Borrowed from the internet)
We held the conference though, not so that we could socialize haha, but to hear from Elder Kearon, the Area Seventy President of Europe. Apparently, there's been some disobedience going on, so we were made aware of it so no gossip would happen and so we could move forward. Here are some things I learned from Elder Kearon are:

Three Fs for Leaders: We need to be Firm, Fair, and Friendly

"Count sacrifice a bargain"

"It's amazing the peace the Spirit brings"

During the conference I couldn't help but be so grateful for Elder Kearon, but especially for my mission president, President Amorim, and his wife, and all that they do for us. Also, I am so thankful for the rules and that I have been and continue to be obedient. When we are obedient, we don't need to worry, and as a bonus, we get blessings from God!!! Everyone wins and is happy!!!

Well, I love you, Family! Continue to have a great summer! Dad, happy birthday! Sister, happy birthday and happy baptism!!! Baptism is the door to the path of Christ and all the blessings He has in store for you! Once again, I love you, Family!!!
Portugal celebrating victory (Borrowed from the internet)

com amor,
Élder Kim do cabello de fogo

P.S.- Here is my new physical address:

Elder Hyrum K. Kim
Rua Sacrad Família n 72 1C
Póvoa de Varzim, Porto
4490-548 Portugal

I don't know though about sending letters to you guys right now. We still haven't found a post office of any kind yet, so as far as responding to everyone, I don't know when I'll be able to. Please let people know.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Póvoa de Varzim 7-4-2016

Olá minha família!!

This sign is close by our house
It's been a rather festive week here in Póvoa de Varzim. I forgot to mention it last week, but this week, the people of Portugal have been celebrating some of the famous Saints like Peter, James, and John; people in the streets, blocked off roads, concerts, fireworks, the whole nine yards. It's here for 2 weeks and sadly, we only decided to check it out in the last few days. :(  To add to the festivities, the European cup is going on and apparently, Portugal is still in, haha. Every time they win, people are out in the streets yelling, and people drive by in their cars, honking the whole way. It's pretty awesome in a crazy sort of way! We don't even have to be watching to follow the games. We'll be walking through a neighborhood and we'll hear everyone cheer, and we'll know Portugal scored, or we'll hear everyone moan, and we'll know the other team scored haha. It's cool to see how into it everyone is.

Viana do Castello

On Tuesday, I held my first District Meeting as District Leader. It was kinda weird cuz there were only 4 of us. In Aveiro, there were 8 of us, now there's only 4, but it's all good. The other two are sisters, who are serving in Viana do Castello, which is about an hour away, north, by bus. Both of them are in their last transfers, so it's interesting. I look forward to getting to know this new position better and being in a better position to help.
Street decorations at the fair
Despite the festivities, we've been able to find some new people to teach. One of them is named Helder. He's a rather interesting guy, to say the least, but is super cool. We taught him the first lesson, and I invited him to be baptized, and he accepted! We're working with him so he can be!
Vendors at the fair; churros being made on the left

Elder Nunes has been really cool. I like him a lot. We were having some issues, or at least I was, but we are doing a lot better. He's a nice contrast to the Americans I've had haha. Nothing against Americans, it's just different. I'm definitely feeling a lot more comfortable with my Portuguese because I talk to him in Portuguese all day, haha. It can be pretty funny talking to him sometimes just cuz sometimes we'll fall into a topic of conversation where neither of us knows how to explain it in the language of the other. Our phrase these last 2 weeks has been "Vamos estar la no dia de julgamento" (I'll be there on the day of judgement). We'll laughingly say this when we have a particularly hard contact or encounter with people haha.

Elder Nunes and I eating churros that were made right in front
of us at the fair. They were amazing!!!
 I just wanna say HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!! God Bless America!!! I am so grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in America. I know that because of the freedoms we have in America, the Church was able to be restored and the Gospel can again be preached on the earth. I'm so grateful for the opportunities we have to learn and grow within the framework of His church, and in America.

Cool experience: I was fasting and praying this past week, one in thanksgiving, and two that me and Elder Nunes could have the Spirit to be with us, and that we could be guided to those who were ready to hear our message. As we were walking home from Church, a guy contacted us and asked us if the building we just left from was our church. We replied, yes. He asked us when our meetings were held, and we responded, "at 9am every Sunday, that it had just ended". He was like, 'shucks, I wanna see how it is and visit, and that he'd come next week'!!! We got his number and told him we'd talk to him this week and see him on Sunday!!!

I know that God loves us. I know that He recognizes our efforts, even when we feel we're not moving forward. I know that as we continue in faith, trusting that He's got our backs, it'll all work out, and we will achieve our goals.

I love you, family!!! Keep up the good work!!! Looks like you're all having a great time, which is good. Go swimming and stuff for me!!! hahaha

com amor,
Élder Kim do Hawaii

An "old" photo... finally uploading pictures from the beginning of my journey in Portugal.
This is an aerial photo of Porto as we were flying in/arriving, back in February.