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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gaia 5/1/17

Aloha Família!

So yeah this week was pretty crazy. I’m pretty sure I say that every week, but this one was pretty nuts.
Elder Wanless, Sister McNabb, Sister Nance, Elder Kim
setting up for zone conference

We had a zone meeting we ran on quarta-feira (Wednesday). We talked a lot about planning, and how we need to plan in such a way that we "garantee" our success. Basically, how we can do everything in our power to reach the goal, making sure that nothing goes thru the cracks. The meeting was super smooth, and the majority, if not everyone liked it. #VivaGaia

Divisions with the elderes from Vila Real B. They aren’t the district leaders so normally we wouldn’t do a division with them, but they had some stuff to do the next day in Porto, so they stayed with us. Was nice to have 2 duplas (sets of missionaries) working in our area. I went with Elder Hilton, who was trained by Elder Wanlass, and we had a great time working hard.
Our zone conference 

Our activity about the tree of life. We based our activity around the tree of life dream, and we had like 35 people there, including some of our investigators. We read the dream, as described in the Book of Mormon, then one by one everyone went thru a tree of life replication we made, in the dark and stuff, ending at the tree of life, while those who waited watched some Mormon messages (videos). After we read the explanations of the symbolisms and stuff, was really good. The Spirit was strong during the whole thing, and many thanked us for the activity after saying tat it was great. Some even cried during the activity. I was very happy with how it turned out.

The sisteres baptism that turned into a noite de cinema (movie night). Sadly the sisters baptism was supposed to happen this past Saturday, but in the end, last minute, it couldn’t happen.... Except we still had people coming to it!!! So, we like put together a movie night thing and we watched “17 Miracles”, and everyone who came loved it!!! God is good!!! 

I know that it is because of Him that we can accomplish all that we accomplish. He guides us, He prepares the way, we are but tools in His hands.

Paintball today. Yeah so the Matosinhos district had planned to do paintball but they needed two more people to play with them to get the deal they wanted, so they called us!!! haha. Never played before in my life, so got demolished the first few games, but by the end was doing better, doing those baseball slides to save myself, and take some people out while I did. #getwrecked #eatpaint #iatepaint kkkkk (side note: “kkkkk” is Portuguese shorthand for “hahahahaha”)

Anyway, that’s about it for this week. Sounds like everyone’s doing pretty good. Have a good Kaʻi Moʻokūʻauhau today!!! Stay safe!!! Boa semana de graduação para vocês (Have a good graduation week)!! I love you guys and keep up the great work!!!

Com amor,
Elder Kim

My Birthday Package! Yay!
ps. I did get the package, and I have been wearing the ties. Thank you, sooooo much!!!

Elder Kim, Elder Hilton, Elder Mireless, Elder Hammer
Planning to "garantee"success

Ready for action
Elder Kim

Ready for fun times

"Bring it on!"

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