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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gaia 5/8/17

Boa tarde Família!

Elders Kim, Andrade, Whetten, & Wanlass
Well this week was "buckwild". Buckwild is my new favorite word for now, and just describes how our week has been, haha.

We get a call from Bishop to help this Brazilian couple whose moving houses to help them get to the chapel with the few things they have, as a temporary fix. As we explain who we are and what we do, and as we teach them the first lesson, a member randomly walks in and is like "hey I got this friend who wants to know more". I'm like wow, ok, so I look over at Elder Wanlass and I'm like "bro take um right over there and teach um" so we like wrangle these lessons and everyone is taught the boas novas do evangelho (good news of the gospel) haha.

We did a division with the elderes of Bragança, and I went with Elder Whetten who actually replaced me in Coimbra 2 when I left, and we had a great division. He's from Arizona, and is 2m tall! We went and wrecked some doors together hahaha. Nah but, we taught this guy me and Wanlass had contacted and turns out he's a cop! Long story short, we didn't go to jail, he liked the message, and we're going back!

We had stake conference and was really cool to see the conference center fill up! We had a 70 visiting from Spain, who spoke straight Spanish, but went really good. Presidente Amorim was also there. Presidente talked about having eyes of light for everyone, and how the way we treat them and think of them, influences their progress. The 70 spoke about putting the things of God first. Both were good. I'm doing my best to apply those things to my life and be a better missionary and leader.

Also after church we had the opportunity to give the Melchezidek Priesthood to some recent converts of our ward, and it just makes me so grateful for the time I have to serve in Portugal, and really be the hands of God here in these peoples' lives.

Happy to hear that everyone survived pule puka kula! Iona, hoʻomaikaʻi!!!! You are now one of the bros. Also hoʻomaikaʻi with seminary! Seminary is definitely good for you! haha go do it!!! Family, I love you guys! Keep up the great work, and I guess I'll see you guys next week Sunday at 18h my time. I love you guys!

com amor,
Élder Kim

What I got to wake up to this AM
The recyclers dropped by. It is taken very seriously here in Portugal.  
These are community bins where everything is sorted.
The bins are HUGE!! You can fit a lot of stuff in there. They are collecting the glass this morning.

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