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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Povoa de Varzim 08/22/16

Aloha e ka ohana!!!

Usually I have a phrase that just seems to capture the essence of the week but none come to mind this week, haha.

Movie night in Povoa de Varzim
Last week Monday, right after P-day, me and Elder Nunes had a cinema night activity! It was great!!! Fernanda and Henrique, our recent converts came, Américo and Edoarda, the miracle couple also came, and we got a number of people from our ward who came as well! It was great and everyone loved it. Was kinda stressful at the beginning cuz the guy who had said he'd bring the computer didn't show. So we ended up having to dismantle one of the computers in the chapel, move it to the other room, and then wire it right to get the movie to play haha. Then, during the movie, me and Elder Nunes were making popcorn and distributing the food, so really I only caught like the end of the movie, haha. But everyone loved it, so that's what matters. Next time though, better communication has to be done with the members, cuz we the missionaries can only do so much by ourselves.

This week, we were knocking doors, and this Brazilian lady answered. She said she just moved here with her FAMILY and that she had been looking for a church to go to. She said she found one she liked thats in Vila Chá, which is like super far and we were like WAT?!?! Then we're like, "Our church is right here. You wanna come?", and she's like yeah that'd be awesome! Unfortunately though, we haven't been able to talk to her, and she wasn't able to come to church. We're hoping to be able to talk with them this week.

We also had Zone Conference this week. The Zone Leaders let us know that our goal as a mission, till the end of the month of September is to baptize 50 people! I think this was exactly what I was looking for. Ever since Fernanda and Henrique's baptisms, I've kinda slipped into a content way of thinking. I'm still working hard and stuff, but the drive was kinda gone. During the meeting, it really hit me that I needed to once again rekindle that fire so that Elder Nunes and I could help to contribute to that goal, and help more people come unto Him. I'm sooo grateful for inspired leaders, like meu Presidente da Missão, who help to motivate us and help us to strengthen our relationship with Christ.

So I was pretty pumped, only to come to weekly planning and notice that we don't really have investigators right now haha. Just because of circumstances and stuff we've been dropped, and/or had to drop most of our investigators, so now we are looking everywhere for new investigators. It has been a rougher week just because right now is tourist season, and so nobody actually lives here, or if they do they're on holiday so they don't have time. It's all good though, me and Elder Nunes are working hard and just doing our best.

Viana do Castelo, outer fringes of a parade
On a cool note, we went to Viana do Castelo, so that I could do a baptismal interview. We got there and there was this huge party/parade going on! It was soo loud, with sooo much people, it was crazy!!! The energy was awesome! We were able to make it to the other side (of the parade) though, find the guys house, and do the interview. Was cool. He got baptized here in Povoa, and had the unique experience of being baptized 7 times. I was totally feeling for him, but I was soo happy he was able to be baptized and that he was strengthened to drop all the things he needed to drop.

At the baptism we had João Barros, that guys who contacted us in the street a month or two ago, and also Américo. It was soo great to have them there. We talked to Americo after, and he expressed his desire to be baptized as well. We were sooo happy! He religiously studies the bible, is reading the Book of Mormon, and has come to church 3 times in a row and just really loves church. We will be working a lot more with them to help him be baptized, and also help his girlfriend, Edoarda, also develop this desire as well.

Interesting stuffs: 

Had to use a sweater a few days due to cold spell
It rained in the morning a few days ago, was actually cold a day or two ago, but it wore off. The nights have also been colder. Normally it's been hot in the day, but the cool wind has returned.

We knocked a door, a guy answered, told us he was already married, and then closed the door, leaving us rather confused. LOL!

We had a member presente (lesson)/dinner, and the member whose house it was, his wife is Brazilian. She introduced us to the guest and was like "This is Elder Nunes. He's from Brazil. Isn't he awesome" and all this stuff, and then goes to walk back into the kitchen to grab something. The guest is like oh wat about the other one, and she's like oh yeah he's American and goes into the kitchen, haha. Verdict I've noticed: Brazilians elders = cool, American elders not soo much, haha.

Mission dreams: dreams that you have as a result of the mission life. Man I've been having mission dreams like crazy! In the MTC, and my 1st transfer I slept like a rock. Then 2nd transfer, started to have mission dreams. 3rd, more. My 4th and this transfer it's like every night, haha. I'll go to sleep, and be like doing missionary work in various forms, then wake up tired, only to go work some more only to go sleep tired haha. It's been interesting, lol.

Anyway that's all I got this week family. Love you guys!!! Keep up the great work, and make sure to pray like it all depends on Him, and then work like it all depends on you.

com amor,
Élder Kim

ps. I'll probably be able to send some replies to some of the letters I've gotten this week.

Futebal (Soccer) Court near the chapel

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Povoa de Varzim 08/15/16

Aloha Família!!!

Taken near the library in Povoa de Varzim
Well first things first, PARABENS MOM AND DAD!!! I know I'm late but I still wanted to put that out there. 21 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!! I'm soooo proud!!! Not a whole ton of people can say they've been married that long. I'm soo grateful for all the love and support you've given us kids, and the opportunities we have because of you guys. I'm sooo thankful for your great examples of being sealed in the temple, and your constant diligence in the church. Parabens outra vez!!!

This week has literally passed by sooo fast.

On Tuesday we actually had District Meeting. It was only my third one haha. Because of drama and complications on the sisters' side it has been impossible the majority of my time here, but we were able to have it this past week. The sisters came in from Viana do Castello, and of course since their white washing (meaning they are both brand new to the area) got totally lost on trying to get here, so we had to go running around looking for them haha. That was fun :) 

The new district (L to R): Sister Cook, Elder Nunes, Elder Kim,
Elder Johnson (Zone Ldr), Elder Peterson (Zone Ldr), Sister Araujo
After, we did divisions with the Zone Leaders. Elder Nunes stayed in Póvoa with Elder Peterson, and I went with Elder Johnson to their area. It was interesting to see how other areas are and how other people worked. It was super cool cuz Elder Johnson came in with Elder Meza (my trainer), and knows a lot of the people I know, so we got to talk story a lot. The most English I've spoken in a while haha. 

During the division I got to meet a RC (recent convert) and it was sooo funny. She's this 80 year old lady, and is just SOOO FUNNY!!! She's like the closest thing to an aunty I can find here. I could totally see her being like "Ah come bebe". I was like how do you like being baptized, and she was like I love it!!! God is totally helping me out!! I was like that's awesome!!! She talks like a member already. She's sooo funny!

I also got to meet the (stake) Patriarch, and we ate barbeque, so it was a good night.

When I got home to Póvoa I couldn't help but feel grateful. The trip had been fun, but it was nice to "come home". 

Elder Kim with Hentique and Fernanda, recent converts
Fernanda and Henrique also got confirmed this past Sunday!!! It was super cool to be able to participate in their confirmations. I couldn't help but feel so humbled to have been trusted by God to play a part in their lives, and really in their eventual salvation. Turns out Fernanda is already talking to some of her friends about church and stuff!!! Soo proud!!!

Also this week, a guy walked in to the shop of a member, and was asking for help and stuff. So she calls us up and she was like I got this investigator for you guys. We were like alright!!! So we go over, he tells us all his problems, and how he really just wants to follow God, and to feel good, and be forgiven. And we're like AWESOME!!! So we taught him, and invited him to be baptized, and he accepted!!! He sadly didn't come to church, but were hoping to help him come next week. It makes it soooo much easier when people have that desire to follow God. Was funny when we were explaining baptism he was like yeah i wanna be baptized like Jesus, I only got batized like this and he made the sprinkling motion. LOL!!!

Sadly, we dropped and got dropped by some investigators this week and we've been working hard to find some new ones. Knocking doors never gets old...... :/

Also those "golden investigators", or elects as we sometimes call them, came to church again. They really like it!!! Américo, the guy, actually got up with us, the priesthood, in sacrament meeting and sang with us!!! We were able to teach them this past week and they like agreed with everything!!! They're not married but we have big hopes with them.

Other stuff:

The last two days have been cold!!! It was sooo nice!!!

A guy told us that we were lucky his chihuahuas were locked up when we knocked his door. They were like the size of like my foot; it was ridiculous. I could literally kick a field goal with them, but we just laughed and were like haha your right but anyway, your salvation is on the line.... 

Oh yeah, Cristiano (our ward mission leader) took us out to eat on Wednesday. I guess it's  a tradition of his. We went and ate francesinhas. WAS SOOO GOOD!!! But man was pretty heavy haha. Was time for go sleep after I wen eat um....kanak atack but for real

Met a black dog named "black" and couldn't help but laugh cuz there is just something about a black dog named black that's would all make more sense if the owner was Filipino and not Portuguese......LOL

Anyway family, I hope you guys are doing great. I have some reading for you guys. I decided to read some of the old General Conference talks and I really like these : "Dad are you awake" by Elder F. Melvin Hammond, "Willing &Worthy to Serve" by President Thomas S. Monson, " Families under Covenant" by President Henry B Eyring, The Laborers of the Lords vineyard by Jeffery R. Holland, and The Powers of Heaven by David A. Bednar. These talks have really just helped me to think about the importance and power of the priesthood, and the importance of the priesthood in our family! I love you guys!!!!

me ke aloha,
Elder Kim

Below are pictures taken by Elder Kim around Povoa de Varzim. Sorry, no other info was attached to these pictures other than to say it was a very LONG walk from their apartment to these places. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.