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Monday, January 30, 2017

Coimbra 1/30/17

Bom Dia Energia Família!

One more week, still alive, still working, life is good.

This week we’ve been finding people like crazy. Sooo many blessings!!! Of the people we found were a couple families as well!

On Wednesday, we had world training with the General Board of Missionary work or something like that; we got some training which was really good; and some changes were made. We only have 4 key indicators now to report, and the schedule was changed to give us a little more freedom to change up according to our needs, within reason. We will see what that means exactly this week.
Elder Gomes and Elder Kim

We did a division in Viseu. I actually stayed in Coimbra with Elder Gomes who is from Cabo Verde, and we had a good division. He’s super quiet, but he’s a really good teacher and I learned a lot from his example. We ended the division in Viseu and we ate lunch there, these things called lancerão which were really good, and then we went to catch our bus. Sadly, because of some miscommunications, we missed our bus not once, but twice and we had to wait like 3 hours. Was lame but we got home safe, haha. Also it seems like I lost my wallet during the division so pretty lame.....

A street in Coimbra
Of course, Saturday night at like 10pm as we got home from dinner with bishop, he lets me know that I’m giving a talk the next day #stressing. The next day we go to pick up our investigators and all of them don’t show. So, then we go to church without investigators, the Stake Presidente is there, and who else? none other than Presidente Amorim (the mission president) with his wife and mother in law. Perfect. My talk went well though, I ended up having to teach Gospel Principles (no I didn’t know that beforehand either) and then we got a training from Presidente, from the which I learned a lot. But of course, felt really bad to not have investigators...We also got to participate in the little meeting with the Stake Presidente and Presidente Amorim and it was really cool to see them counsel with each other, plan with each other and work together. They are great examples to me.  They make me wanna be a better leader.

That is about it for me family. Please pray for me to find my wallet. I love you all! Thank you again for all the cards, letters, support and love!!! Tenham uma boa semana!

com amor,
Élder Kim

ps. Elder Casper is teaching me some stuff on the piano and I think I wanna start learning more. Also, this one is for Jonah: I was messing around with the soccer ball today and now I can stall the ball on my back and do the Cristiano Ronaldo move and take off my shirt without it falling off ,so yeah, I guess I’m cool haha. Don’t worry, this was in our house so nobody saw me other than Elder Casper taking off my shirt. #awkward, haha!!


  1. Loved your words, and all the emotions through them. Pray you find your wallet yet know the Lord provides in whatever outcome. At home eveni,g with other widows learned more how the principles of faith, repentance, humility, diligence, obedience, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, helps us be filled with the Grace of God, which enables and lifts us, which then helps us more able to do so with others. Sure love you Hyrum and so glad you love God and the people you serve. Gramma Odale

  2. HI, I'm going to Porto mission too, I love reading this blog it is very useful for my preparation so thank you so much for sharing this amazing experiences :)