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Monday, January 23, 2017

Coimbra 1/23/17

Aloha mai kākou, e ka ʻohana,

It’s probably been one of the fastest, most hectic weeks of the transfer but I’m still alive so that’s good, right?? haha.

Last district meeting with this group.
So, we had district meeting last week, and I really, loved it. We talked about what we had learned during the transfer, and I couldn’t help but be so grateful for this past transfer. Great comp, great district, great work. I will really, miss my time in Coimbra 2. 

Following the district meeting we ate lunch at the francesinha place, burgers covered in francesinha sauce (super good!), and after, transfers were put into effect. I helped carry Sister Braz and Elder Bortolo’s bags to the train station, and was “for real hard work”. The bags were pretty heavy, and after the wheels broke on the cobblestone, I had to lift them the rest of the way. #gettinghuge lol. I said goodbye to Elder Bortolo. I was sad. Then I went off to work with Elder Maloy and Elder Bates for the rest of the day. 
Moving on to other areas:
also pictured, the bags with broken

Elder Casper was supposed to come in that night at 11:30pm, super late, but after walking there through the very cold night, we find out that he missed the connecting stuffs to get here and wouldn’t be coming till the next day. Sooooo....we walked home thru the cold night to go home, and went to sleep after 1am only to wake up at 7am....lame....

New companion,
Elder Casper of Pleasant
Grove, UT
Elder Casper came in no prob the next day and we survived our way to our house and all that. We ended up helping the sisters of my old district prep the chapel for a baptism they’d be having that day, and then we went down to the train station to pick up the elders who’d be taking my spot. Of course, there was a mix up so they weren’t there, and we had to literally run to the other train station to see if they were there. They weren’t so we had to run back to the first one where they ended up showing up. In the midst of all that, we ended up seeing Sister Cook, I was with her in the MTC, and was her district leader when I was in Póvoa, and got to talk to her and her greenie and help them make it on to the right train, seeing as they were little bit lost. She was on her way more to the south to Santarem, same district as Elder Meza, haha. #thedestroyerhasenteredthegame

The next day we ended up having to show the other Elders my old area. I’m a little worried about it, but it’s in His hands now. So yeah this past week was crazy, and being ZL makes it even crazier, but hey loving being able to help everyone out. Servant leadership, ain’t no other way.

So yeah everything is "new". New area, new comp, new ward, new district, new house. All "new" relatively speaking. My area is a lot smaller in comparison, but it seems like the population density is a little higher. My comps name is Elder Casper and it turns out we have the same amount of time out on the mish. He’s from Pleasant Grove, Utah, and was serving on Madeira right before here. He’s really into music too, it seems and plays really good piano. I’m missing having someone who only speaks Portuguese but I’ll survive, haha. Our house is...well...small, and not warm at all, haha. It’s really cold at night and in the morning, but its livable. The sisters who were in there kinda left it in a mess, but it’s all good now, you know according to Elders’ standards, haha. The ward seems cool as well. Was funny yesterday at church, I sat down with a member, and one of the first members I got to know from my last ward comes to sit down in front of me; I’m like wat?! I’m like "Irmã, what you doing here?", she’s like oh I’m visiting, what are you doing here? I’m like well....I got transferred here, haha. Was a funny moment. My district, they also seem cool, but there seems to be a lack of fogo (fire) but we’ll be working with that.

We’ve been working hard though and we’ve found some cool people. We’re literally starting from ground zero, but it has been good. I know that God loves us, and has prepared blessings for us here, predicated of course on our faith, work, diligence and obedience.

I love you guys, family!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGES!!! PLZ TELL THE FAMILY I GOT THEM AND THAT I SAID THANK YOU AND THAT IM GRATEFUL CUZ I AM!!! Love you guys! Thank you for all the emails!!!
Christmas finally arrived!!
Mahalo nui for thinking of me!!

me ke aloha,
Elder Kim do Hawaii (Elder Kim of Hawaii)

PS - the last few transfers I’ve been making sure to tell people I am from Hawaii, so yeah, haha

PPS - So one of the first things that one of the new elders said to me was "Are you an eagle?" and I responded "yes sir". Super proud to be able to say that. It was a lot of blood sweat and tears, but I’m sooo grateful for all the support I got from Mom, and Dad and the leaders. Its sooo worth it!!! haha. Mom, you can say I told you so, haha. Brothers, PLZ GET YOUR EAGLES!!!!

My new cover for my planner!
Mahalo nui Gramma Foley!
One last picture of Elder Bortolo and Elder Kim.
He will be missed!

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  1. Aloooha Elder Kim! We enjoy hearing of your great work and testimonies, so proud of you and Thank you for blessing the people there! Take care and keep warm! Love the Tanaka's