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Monday, January 16, 2017

Coimbra 1/16/17

Aloha mai kākou, e ka ʻohana!
Elder Kim, with his new, warm

One more week has gone by and here we are at the beginning of another transfer! My 9th to be exact. Time is flying by!

At the district meeting at the beginning of the week, we discussed the goals we had made the week previous for our district, which was 50 new investigators, and how we could do better. We also decided on what we would do to sacrifice more, to have more blessings, I guess you could say. We decided to wake up a half hour earlier, and cut lunch by 20 mins. I was super pumped.

Sadly, though, Elder Bortolo wasn’t completely healed yet so we were very limited in the amount of time we could work, and stayed at home most of the day, haha. I was able to study a lot, make my planner covers, which are awesome, and finish marking my Hawaiian Book of Mormon. All in all, I kinda got irritated cuz we weren’t working and meeting our goals, even though really, there wasn’t much more we could do.
A meal from Rei dos Frangos
(King of the Chickens), a
restaurant in Coimbra

Thursday, we got back to work, and Friday we were able to sort out our issues (repentance before blessings). Saturday we still didn’t have any news....but, we made good plans, prayed, started our weekly fast and went out and worked hard. God blessed us a lot and we were lead to 5 people who were open to hear our message. Then on Sunday after taking Jorge, the father of the Romanian family, to church, we were lead to 4 more investigators!!! Two of which are this super self-sufficient family (dad is doctor, mom is lawyer) who are super open to learn and try it out. Super happy!!!

I learned a lot this week from these experiences. I learned that When we do our best, sacrifice more, exercise faith and work hard, God WILL bless us and help us fulfill all righteous goals. I also learned that God is always preparing people for us. I also learned that I need to have more faith, and trust more in God.

Chapel of Olivais, near Coimbra
Transfers have come and gone, and I’m staying Zone Leader in Coimbra, but I’m moving from Coimbra 2A to Coimbra 1A. I was kinda sad and bitter at first cuz I had worked so hard in this area and we were beginning to see the blessings; but after praying to God explaining myself, and then being humble enough to accept His will, He blessed me to know that it was His will that I go, and that He would prepare the way for me in my new area as He had done in my other areas. I don’t know why we switched areas, but I’m trusting in God that He’s got it all worked out and that its going to be great. I’m super excited for this transfer. Btw Elder Bortolo will be going to Matosinhos to continue as a zone leader in the Porto Norte zone. He’s super excited.

That’s about it for me family. I love you guys! Super happy to hear you guys are all good, and that the bros got their patriarchal blessings!!! Remember to look at it once in a while. Helps us to remember what we’re capable of, where we’re going, and what God expects of us among many other things. Anyway, love you guys, have a great week!!!

com amor,
Élder Kim

A popular Brazilian all-you-can-eat buffet
restaurant. It is only $7 to get in. However,
if you don't eat all you take, you have to pay
 a penalty fee.
Elder Kim's plate from the buffet, the first of
three. He was able to eat all he took. He said
this place is his new favorite restaurant.

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  1. Thank you for the words of advice Elder. We learn from each other's testimonies and experiences. Prayers for another good week in service. love, Gramma Odale