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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Coimbra 01/09/17

Feliz Ano Novo!!!

Elder Kim, been out 1 year
now on his mission.
Hey family, this week has been a really, great week! We’ve been working hard, talking to a lot of people, finding some, and teaching others; it’s been great!!! Also, I made a year on the mish, so that’s cool, haha. I am soo grateful for my Heavenly Father blessing me and helping me to become the missionary and the man He needs me to be.

Some of the highlights from this week:

We did a division with the elders of Leiria, and I stayed here in Coimbra with Elder Blackmore. He’s been out on the mish for about 5 weeks, and he’s from northern Idaho, like almost Canada, haha. It was super cool working with him, and we were like running around all day. I was really, impressed by the great attitude he has and was like wow, I wish I had thought more like him when I was in my first transfer, haha. He said two great quotes that I liked. "Walk everywhere, talk everywhere, smile everywhere" (In relation to what we do as missionaries, I really, liked the smile everywhere part cuz you don’t really, think about that, but it’s very important). "Milk and cookies, that’s what got me thru high school" (lol sooo true haha).

We’ve been teaching this Romanian family and we got them to church!!! They speak Portuguese, but it’s kind of so-so sometimes especially with the gospel as the subject. Some of the words they don’t understand, so it’s helping us to teach simpler. Also, the mom just got a job and it turns out she’s working with one of the recent converts of the ward, so she’s got friends already! We’re super excited for them! They also have a little girl whose just sooo cute and reminds me a lot of sister when she was 4 years old.

Other than them we are working with a few other families and its going really, well. Sadly, Elder Bortolo got sick on Saturday which kind of held us back on Saturday and Sunday but he’s feeling better now. 

We helped the other elders cuz they were having a hard week, and we ended up finding a few cool people! Also, I helped another missionary sort thru some doubts he was having. Really, helped me to see how God has helped me in my life.

Family, I love you all! Thank you soo much for all your love and support! I loved the pics! Right on with the fish!!! I love you guys a lot. Have a great day!!!

com amor,

Elder Kim

Proud to make a meal with the
furikake sent from Gramma Foley

Look Ma! We eat vegetables too!
(Every now and then....)

Looking Good after getting the typical,
Portuguese hair cut!!

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