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Monday, July 25, 2016

Póvoa de Varzim 7/25/16

Aloha e ka ʻohana!

Can't believe it but this transfer is winding down already! Fastest transfer ever!!! 

Some cool things that happened this week was that we were knocking doors in this one place, and there happened to be an enclosed soccer field. We were like hmmm.... there were all the community kids playing. We went over and asked if we could play, dressed in our white shirts, haha, and they were like yeah sure! So we played and it went great! After we sat down and talked to a few of them about why we dress the way we do and stuff. It was great!

Remember that kid that kicked my butt last week at basketball? Well we were knocking doors the other day, in a different part of town and we found his house!!!!! Turns out, he's from Angola, and lives with his family of 6!!!!!! We are trying to schedule a time to go and talk with them. The only problem is the dad is away a lot because of his work, but we'll find a way!!!

We had Zone Conference this week and something I really liked was this quote from Presidente. He said "If we're doing things for the right reasons, and do our part, we will have good weeks", and also "When you put first things first, second things come free, but when you put second things first you likely lose both". I just loved Zone conference sooo much, and I felt like I received so much guidance on how I should be working. I'm sooo grateful for inspired leaders who help us achieve our potential.

Random thoughts: A lady thought I was from Ukraine. Found a super cool inactive. Everyone is harvesting their onions. A drunk guy ruined our lesson with some investigators. We just been running into tons of people on the street who knew the elders in the past and like contact us on the street. I only got 20 pages left to go in my Puke o Molemona, aka ke hemahema mai nei koʻu olelo hawaii!!! Aue!!! kkkkkk. We've been saying "tem que ser" a lot which means, has to be. So like we'll be walking down the street, have a bad contact, and after we're like shucks, tem que ser, haha. My English and Hawaiian are gonna be soo messed up and mixed up with Portuguese by the end of this mission, hahaha.

Funny thought: for some reason this whole past week everyone's been asking me if I'm Brazilian! SOOO FUNNY! I definitely don't look it, that's why!!! Apparently though, I kinda talk like them, even though my accent is different.

Spiritual thought: Me and Elder Nunes have been teaching this older mom and son, and we were able to mark them for this weekend. But throughout the week I was thinking about if they'd be ready or not. I knew they could be if that was the will of God, but on the "realistic" level they wouldn't be. So me and Elder Nunes decided to fast and pray. We came to the decision that we could probably get them baptized this week if we really pushed them, but the better course of action would be to wait. I'm soo grateful for the guiding influence of the Spirit, because as a missionary we really would be lost without it!

Just wanna give a big shout out to all my friends serving missions!!! I love you guys sooo much!!! I'm so proud and honored to be able to serve with you in the Lord's vineyard!!! 

Kaʻai, man, I'm SOOOO HAPPY!!!! That's seriously awesome!!! One, you just made those elders week. Two, you made the decision for yourself. I honestly thought you were already baptized, but I was sooo happy, and proud to read and know the you'll be baptized.

Sister, I'm sooo proud of you too!!! It makes me sooo happy knowing that you, like so many other people, are taking that first step to come unto Christ, and really open the door for him to bless you more in your life!

I love you all, family!!! Keep up the great work!!! One more week of summer, make the most of it!!! Can't believe it's already over for you guys. Here it's just starting, and everyone is at the beach. Kinda makes me miss the ocean, but hey mission first right? haha. Anyway, love you guys!!!

com amor,
Elder Kim

ps. sorry this letter is just all over the place haha. hope it makes sense haha


  1. Always so good to hear your words and feel the spirit they bring. Reading in Alma and all the teachings of those missionaries, so strong their desire to bring their brothers and
    sisters to Christ. Thank you Hyrum for serving as God's hands and loving the people. Prayers for safety and loving the people you serve
    Love, gramma odale