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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Póvoa 7/18/2016

Olá família outra vez! (Hello again, Family!)

It's been a rather hectic week this week with all the different meetings and change of P-day. Because of that, and other stuff out of our control, it been a rougher week than normal, which is hard, but me and Élder Nunes are still going strong.

This is a view from our house. It's chilly at night sometimes, 
and sometimes foggy in the morning. 
The weather here in Póvoa has been HOT!!! Man, it's been really hot. Some days the wind will blow, but it seems to have left us for a while. So, it's just us, the sun, and the sweat dripping from everywhere, haha. Gotta watchout bumbai I come burnt. We meet a lot of fisherman. Póvoa is definitely a fishing town, but it also seems like it gets a lot of people here too. The beaches are super beautiful, and nowadays they're jammed packed all day, every day. It's pretty crazy! I'm always like "shucks, I miss the beach", haha, as I sweat away in my white shirt and tie, haha. I'm trying to be patient. Élder Nunes is a great example of patience in my opinion, so I am trying to learn from him.

On Wednesday, I woke up, did my exercises, and I was feeling like I'd taken everything into account and had planned it all out. In the middle of studing, I get a call from the office that we were late to do Élder Nunes' residency! I was like "oh man!!!" So we end our studies, run to the metro, catch the metro to Porto, and do his residency. I was like, 'I'm sure it was supposed to be tomorrow...', but it turns out, I filled out my planner wrong so that it said it was the 12th, when it was actually the 13th. sigh.... Still working on it haha. 

Random pict by our house, but not of our house. I took the pict 
to put into perspective that Póvoa is a city, 
but country too. It's a weird combination, but I like it.
I also played some pick up b-ball with this kid who was playing by himself. He totally kicked my butt haha. I'm outta shape!!! We're gonna try and go back next time and play with him, but with a challenge that if I win, we get to teach him, and if he wins, we'll treat him to McDonald's....then well teach him anyway. hahaha

We found this x-investigator the other day, or actually, she found us. Apparently, she was almost baptized 2 yrs. ago, but for some reason, it didn't happen. She loves the Élders though. So we ended up going out to her house, which is SUPER far, teaching her and helping her make a plan so she can be baptized. While we were out there, we had to eat lunch on the way haha. So, I bought bread and tuna, and had tuna sandwiches on the steps of a catholic church haha. My hands were covered in oil from the fish, hahaha.
Élder Nunes and I eating our lunch on the go 
on the steps of the Catholic chapel, haha
I had the opportunity to do my first baptismal interview. I was kinda nervous, cuz it's like the salvation of somebody's soul you're talking about. I studied that morning though, and I had talked to the ZLs, and she was soo ready. When I got there, I did the interview, filled out the paper, and she was good to go.

I am thankful to the Lord for the opportunities He's given me to learn and grow. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have here to be a representative of Jesus Christ. It really is sooo awesome!!! THE GOSPEL IS STILL TRUE!!!

Love you, family! Ficam fixes! (Stay cool!)

com amor, (with love)
Élder Kim do cabelo de fogo (Elder Kim fire hair)
6 month mark - missionary photo

ps - I'm in the last 50 pages of Ka Puke O Molemona!!!

Note from Parents:
The address posted last week had a typo. This is the corrected address:

Élder Hyrum K. Kim
Rua Sacra Família n 72 1C

I FOUND A KALO PLANT!!! I still haven't found any Hawaiian people though, but Élder Meza told me last week he talked to some Hawaiians in Madeira, that their English was terrible (pidgin), and they spoke Hawaiian! I'm sooo jealous!
Póvoa de Varzim, Porto
4490-548 Portugal

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