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Monday, August 1, 2016

Povoa de Varzim 8/1/16

Aloha e ka ʻohana!!!

It's been a great finishing week to the transfer!

Apparently this week in Portugal a game called "Pokemon Go!" has been released. I guess a lot of people like it so I've been hearing about it. Is it any good? haha ...To me it sounds kinda...idk...soooo kindergarten days hahaha!

Great news!!!! Fernanda and Henrique are getting baptized this upcoming weekend!!! It truly has been a miracle with them. They have come to church for 4 weeks straight now, and are understanding the lessons a whole lot better. Me and Elder Nunes have been working really hard with them, and praying a lot for them so that they could really understand what we are trying to teach them. Every day we go back to teach they remember and understand a little bit more! It's awesome!!! We went over the other day and she told us how her other son (we're not teaching him) was like "why are you guys getting baptized again you don't need that" but she was like "yeah we do cuz this church is the only church with the power to do it; the other churches don't have the power!" We were like yes!!! Because that had been something she had issues understanding. I'm sooooo grateful for the power of prayer, and the enlightening power of the Holy Ghost.

(L to R) David, Danielson, Elder Nunes, Me, and Nathaniel
We were able to go on division with some youth, and it was AWESOME!!! I went with two youth, and went to teach Fernanda and Henrique. There were some complications because Fernanda's other son, whose usually drunk, was there, but it all worked out. After we're walking to meet up with Elder Nunes, and one is like, "my one friend I talked to you guys about lives near here, I think we should pass him". I was like sure why not. So we get there, he lets us in and we teach him the first lesson! It was awesome! I'd be lying if I said he was totally interested, but I really think that with time, and fellowshipping he could get baptized!  Super cool!

We got a reference last week from Church HQ who wanted a Book of Mormon. So we contacted her, gave her the book and set up a follow up appointment. Elder Nunes went over there with two members when we did splits, and she was already on 1 Nephi 11! I was like "wat!!!" She had some questions and doubts about Joseph Smith but other than that she was all G! She wasn't able to come to church but me and Elder Nunes are really hoping to help her find the truth she's been looking for!

After long days, we "hang out" in the kitchen
We finished Elder Nunes training this week. I can honestly say that Elder Nunes is awesome! I've learned a lot from him. After finishing watching the District with him and stuff, I just had this realization of how awesome the mission is! I'm soo grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow, not only physically but especially spiritually! Also meeting all these cool people from all around the world, who speak all kinds of languages is sooo cool! I'd just like to encourage everyone who is thinking about serving a mission, and those who aren't, TO GO SERVE A MISSION!!! IT WILL HONESTLY BLESS YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!

Funny story: me and Elder Nunes were talking about the mission and about how awesome it is, and hard it is, and like how we totally didn't know what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to go. Then he's like (in português of course) " One of the missionaries who was serving in Brazil told me that serving a mission is like peeing your pants (KKKKKKKK). Everyone can talk about it, speculate, and whatever, but nobody knows what it feels like until its happened to you." LOL! So true though! 

Also, I FINISHED KA PUKE MOLEMONA!!! IT'S STILL TRUE!!! Man, that was an awesome read! I love how it's the same words, but it just feels different, and different things seem to stick out! I was wondering if there's a Hawaiian translation of the Bible, and if so if I could get a copy.....hahaha. I also made covers for my agenda! First time! I haven't really had the interest to do it up until now. I know lame...everyone else has um so I figured I should make me some too since I'm in my 5th transfer now. About time!

Elder Kim's Covers for his "Agenda" (Planner)
Anyway, that's all I got. I love you guys! Can't believe it's already been a whole transfer! Have a great start to school guys! I love you!!!! Ficam fixes!

com amor,
Élder Kim

ps. Parabens to Kaʻai!!!! So proud of you!!!! Sister, Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry I know I'm late, but also congratulations on your baptism as well!!!! I love you guys!!!!

pps. Still haven't gotten around to locating the post office. Sorry to all those who have sent me letters and not gotten replies! I'm working on it haha sorry again! Thank you sooo much though for your letters!!!!

My district: Sister Mauricio, Sister Maraes, Me, Elder Nunes
Saw this candy and had to buy it! Yes, it is "Filipinos"!!!! So Yummy!!!


  1. Sunday a young woman talked on service and said that the good feeling one gets from serving others is a confirmation from Holy Ghost that you ate doing a good thing. I liked that a Gramma Odale

  2. Sunday a young woman talked on service and said that the good feeling one gets from serving others is a confirmation from Holy Ghost that you ate doing a good thing. I liked that a Gramma Odale