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Monday, June 27, 2016

Póvoa de Varzim 6/27/2016

Aloha mai kakou e ka Ohana!!!

The train station
Transfers have come and gone and I have gone with it. I've left Aveiro, the land of my "birth", and have been transferred to Póvoa de Varzim!!! It's about like 2-ish hours north of Aveiro, and it's right on the beach. I also now have the added responsibility of serving as District Leader and..... second transfer training!!! (Second transfer training means that my comp has already been trained for 1 month and Ima conclude his training. I'm in my fourth transfer and my second area.)

Elder Tollefsen, Elder Andrade (my replacement in Aveiro), and I
So I packed up last Tuesday cuz I already knew that I'd be transferred. We got the call from the Zone Leaders, and I found out I was coming here to Póvoa de Varzim as a District Leader. So I hopped on the train by myself, which was rather weird, and road the train for an hour to Campanhã, Porto. I lugged my bags to the metro station, then hopped on the metro and rode that for about an hour to the end of the line, and got off in Póvoa. My comp, Elder Nunes, met me at the station and we headed over to our house. (Elder Nunes only has one transfer here, and this will be my first here, so we're basically getting to know the area together. Póvoa is right on the coast. It's kinda like Aveiro but more open, with less big buildings and more houses. There seem to be more families here. It's really nice. I like it. Nice and windy too, and super sunny.)

On our way over, I find out where he's from and stuff and that I'd be training!!! I freak out!!! I'd only just been informed that I'd be DL, so I started to panic little bit cuz that was an unexpected added responsibility haha. Sometimes it's stressful with the combination of DL kuleana and training as well, and also having to worry about investigators and the progression of the work. I'm getting used to it though and it's been great. I'm learning a lot, that's for sure. It's definitely a humbling experience. 

Elder Nunes and I
So my "son's" name is Élder Nunes!!! He's from São Paulo, Brazil, and he doesn't speak a lick of English. It's been all Portuguese this past few days, and that has been interesting and rather awesome!!! His accent is a little different, but I'm getting used to it. (The accent here in general is different since I'm in the north now.)

Our house is a two-elder house. It's rather nice, and I like it a lot. I kinda miss the social aspect of the 4-elder house, but the two-elder house is helping us to focus a lot more. The chapel here is really beautiful, and super close to our house!!! Only like 10 mins away!!! And it's like a real chapel too! The members are super nice and we have an attending number of about 30-35!

Me and Elder Nunes have been working really hard trying to find new people to teach, finding less-actives, and also trying to re-find x-investigators.

Shout out to Alohi on her mission call!!! SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!!! Kui, hope to hear from you as you enter the MTC!!! 

Looks like you guys are all doing great in your activities of the summer! Keep up the great work!!! The water looks great!!! haha. I love you guys sooo much!!! Tchau!!!

com amor,
Élder Kim do Hawaii

A view of the beach in my new area. The water looks great here too :)
A few more pictures from the Porto Train Station from a couple weeks ago;
Blue tiling. Love it.

View from the Porto Train Station. Incredible buildings.
It's been kinda sad to leave my first area. I really love Aveiro, but I am happy to learn and grow here in a new area! I love Portugal's flag hanging out the window...

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