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Monday, June 6, 2016

Aveiro 6/6/2016

Boa tarde minha família!!! (at least its boa tarde where I'm at haha)

God has definitely been blessing us and helping us as we've worked this week. I'm sooo grateful for all that He does for us. I know that without His help, we couldn't do anything.

We started of this week with marking one of our investigators to be baptized on the 18th of June!!! I was sooo stoked!!! Her name is Fátima, and she is like the sweetest lady ever!!! She was actually a contact that I had done a few weeks ago, and I remember that when I had contacted her, I just got the firmest impression that I needed to contact her. So it was really rewarding when I invited her to be baptized, that she accepted!!!

We were also able to re-mark Madelena to be baptized on the 18th of June as well. We were able to resolve the conflict had occurred with her neighbors, and things seem to be looking up now with her. She is also continuing to keep the Word of Wisdom! yay!

For both her and Fátima, and with this work in general, we have to keep constant vigilance!!! It's a lot of work but it's sooo worth it!!!

We were able to start teaching Ana Carlos' boyfriend, Pape. He's a semi-professional soccer player, of African descent, and is super cool. He's also Muslim. It was an interesting lesson, but I really felt like the Spirit was there. It's super cool to see Ana Carlos now on the other side of things, bearing her testimony and stuff.

Funny lesson this week, we found this college student Savañe, from Spain. We knocked on her door, we asked if we could come in. She let us in. After checking that there was a man in the house, we walked in. Man, that was the first time in a while that I felt rather lost in a lesson. I felt like she had been speaking to us in Portuguêse while we were in her doorway, but in her house, it was straight Español. I was like oh man! kkkkkk I basically knew what she was saying, but toward the end of the lesson when she was expressing her doubts and stuff, I don't think I fully understood it. I was basically said, I know this Church is true and that you can know this church is true too, and when we come back next time, we'll bring back somebody who speaks Spanish so we can know exactly what you're saying, haha. She laughed and was like, sounds good. haha.

We also found this ex-investigator named Pedro. He's super cool! He's 18yrs old and is planning on moving to England in the next year, and eventually going to America for school. He told us he really wants us to help him with his English, haha. We ended up teaching him the first lesson, but before we taught him, we asked him what his beliefs in God were. He basically responded with a testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we should all know about that and be grateful for it. It was sooo awesome!

Sunday was interesting. We had Fátima and Madelena at church! Yay! We also had a special transmission from Church Headquarters for West Europe! It was pretty sweet!!! Elder Christofferson spoke as well!

After church, we went to a less-active member's home for lunch. Her name is Ana Mateus, and she's from Angola. We ended up helping her make lunch, which was fried fish! I was soooo happy!!! I haven't had fried fish in forever!!!! It was funny cuz we get home, and her 25yr son is home and she's like ʻhow come you neva do naughtin?!ʻ Then she storms into the kitchen and starts cooking. We end up helping her, and because I'm not that familiar with the vocab of the kitchen, she'll tell me to do something and I'm like wat??? haha Then she'll show me how, and I'll do it. Lunch turned out super good though!!! I wouldn't say it's as good as the kine back home, but it was still good! After I wen help her cook, then after when I wen show dat I can eat fish, she was all happy wit me haha. During that whole thing though, she went out to the couch where her son Nilson is sitting, and says "Nilson, meu filho preto, o que está a fazer??" (Nilson, my black child/son, what are you doing??) Man I couldn't help but die laughing!!!

This morning we had an activity and played soccer with Nilson and Pedro. It was super fun!!!!! It felt really good to wear normal clothes and play. It's a beautiful day!!! I had a great time. Man, Nilson is sooo good! It's hard to compete haha. 

Anyway I gotta get off the computer for other people. I love you guys!!!! Take care!!!

com amor,

Élder Kim de Hawaii
L to R : Pedro (one of our investigators, he's super cool), Nilson (kinda sorta less active, professional soccer player), me, Elder Teixeira, Elder Gee, Elder Tollefsen

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