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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Aveiro 5/30/16

Olá minha família!
It's always a privilege to be able to read your emails mom, dad, fam. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

From what it sounds like, its been a crazy week! Man, aren't those awesome? Haha. Jonah, your paddle looks sick! Don't hate, perpetuate! Nice one blood! Btw, HAPPY BIRTH DAY JONAH!!! Your 17 years old! I just wanna say I love you bro. I'm so proud of you. Its been a while now, but it seems like you've been keeping busy and are turning into a great man. Keep it up bro. Prepare yourself to serve a full-time mission. You have been given many gifts, but they are not yours to keep, they are yours to give. Continue to work hard, and always be looking for ways to share those gifts. I love you bro!!!

Sunset in Aveiro, while returning home
after a long day.
Seta looks like you working hard there  at aunties house! Is that a new hat? And that birthday pic looks nice. I kinda feel like a stranger looking at my own house, haha. Btw, mom I sent you a letter a few days ago, so it should be getting there in a few more.

Thanks for giving my love to the graduates. Props to Kamalani for leading it, haha. I'm sure those guys are doing great! Please also give my love to Ohu!!! Man, I love that guy so much!!! He's so awesome!!! I always loved talking to him at activities and stuff; it was always good fun. I know he's gonna do great out in Fiji!!!! 

For me its been a up and down kind of week. We've been seeing some progress in a lot of our investigators, and less in others. That's life you know. Maria Isabell, who came to church last week, came again this week. She's so awesome!!! She really likes church, and she's thinking about baptism, and we've invited her to pray about it. I know she knows its right but I think she's hesitant. Sad thing is we learned that she's not married to her husband, and so we cant really baptize her. Her husband is in France working and won't be back till July so we'll see. Hard thing is he doesn't know she's talking to us. We will continue to work with her and see what happens. I love her so much though!!!

This other Cabo Verdian we've been teaching, Carlos, came to church for the first time this week!!! I think he liked it a lot. He only 18! Man he's so cool! He's so awesome, he lets us meet with him like 2 maybe 3 times a week, and reads every time. Usually he doesn't pray though, but since we've invited him to pray before and after he reads, he's been a lot more receptive to us. He even prayed in Gospel Principles for everyone!!! I'm praying and helping him receive the answer we all seek so that he can see that baptism is the way.

We marked Madelena to be baptized this upcoming Saturday! We've since run into some complications though with a third party, so well see how it goes. We've been praying for her, and trying to do all we can to help her be baptized. I love her! She is so funny, and pretty crazy, but she's got such a good heart and really loves God.

Felipi and His Family
This week I've been talking a lot with Felipi, that Brazilian guy I sent you a pic of, and it just makes me wanna do so much better. Felipi is from Brazil. He served a full-time mission in Cabo Verde, came back about 3 yrs ago, and is married and has a baby. He's so awesome!!! Some things I've been thinking about that he says is one, we gotta work hard!!! I've been working hard this whole time, but when I talk to him it just reaffirms the necessity of always being alert and on your toes. We always have to be working and trying to find new people to teach, and getting those we already have to be baptized. Its taxing spiritually, mentally and physically, but it doesn't matter cuz its not about you. As Elder Holland says "Salvation was never easy!"

Which bring me to the second point, that Satan really doesn't want anyone to be baptized. He is always working against us, especially when things start to go well, or when people start to progress. It has been a lot of work trying to stay ahead of him, and sometimes discouraging, but God is helping us. Straight up. God is the winning side. He is on our side. He sent us here to be happy and successful, and Satan can't stop that when were doing what we should. So me and Elder Tollefsen have been working hard, trying to stay perfectly obedient to be able to have God on our side. We have a lot to work on but slowly but surely it's coming along.

Anyways, all that to say, I'm doing good here in Aveiro. Hope you guys are having a great day at Haena. No worries, I'll come too in 2ish years, hahaha. I love you all so much!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Com amor,

Élder Kim (who used to be the Law kkkkkkk) (kkkkk means hahahaha in brazil; its kinda like jajajaja for mexicans. all that to say hahahaha)

We found Harry Potter's Room while tracting!!! kkkkk!

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