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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tchau Aveiro!

Aloha e minha família!!!

This week has been rather bittersweet. Both Fátimas and Madelena's baptisms fell through this week. That was really hard on me to see both of them go down. I was super disappointed that they couldn't be baptized. I wanted to get mad and frustrated, but all I could seem to do is be sad.

Elder Tollefsen and I
The whole week I was praying that me and Elder Tollefsen would have the Spirit to be with us to help them be ready to be baptized, and that we could discern what needed to be done to help them. Some problems came up with both Fátima and Madelena that didn't quite make sense with the knowledge that we had. I really didn't know the best way to proceed. All I could do was come up with the best course of action I could think of as a young missionary, and rely on the Lord. In the following visits with them, the Spirit was able to guide us to the source of the problem, and enlightened our minds on how to proceed. In both instances we recognized that they weren't ready for baptism, and that now wasn't the time for them. I was sad at first, because we'd been working so hard to help them be ready, but then the Spirit came in and just filled me with peace with what all had gone down. We had done all we could to help them be ready. We had relied on the Lord and followed the promptings of the Spirit, and it had all gone down as it should've. I am sooo grateful for the Spirit, and the help God provides through the Spirit. I am SOOO grateful for the opportunities I have to work as an instrument of the Lord in bringing people unto Him. It really is the best thing ever.

Elder Garcia, my zone leader, and I out on divisions.
Well on the sweeter side of things, my 3rd transfer is over, and thus begins my 4th transfer. This transfer has just flown by sooo fast I can't believe it. I'm sooo grateful for the Lord's help in helping me become the missionary I need to become. It has a been a great first few transfers here in Aveiro. I don't know if I'll get transferred or not, but whether or not I do, I am grateful for the great start I've had, and for all the help and love of the Lord I've felt, from Him, from the members, and from the people of Aveiro. I can honestly agree now with what Kaiawe said, I've never felt so far from home and never so close to the Lord. I know He's got my back and that I need to have faith enough to continue diligently, and to have patience enough to wait on His timing.
Beautiful blue tiling in the Porto Train Station

During our ward council yesterday, I was just reminded about how only a few short months ago I arrived here in Aveiro. I just remembered my first ward council with basically the same people on my 2nd night in Portugal, and I didn't understand anything, and didn't know what was going on. But now, there I was listening to everyone's comments and stuff and actively participating. The people no longer look at me as the greenie who doesn't know anything, but as Elder Kim, who knows a little bit more than Greenie Kim, and is actively working to grow the work in this area of Portugal.

Porto from the train station.
Parabens (congratulations) to Joyden Madriaga on his mission call!!!! I actually have a friend whose serving in Brasil from Kansas City. He's from a Spanish speaking ward. I'm sooo stoked for him. Shout out to Kuilua who's checking in to the MTC in a few days!!! Go get 'um, my Braddah!! haha Joji, welcome home!!! To all the other missionaries of Hilo, and to those I know who are serving missions, keep up the good work and be obedient!!!!

Family, sounds like you guys are doing great!!! Sounds like you guys are all having fun with your summer activities and going to the day I can go swim again haha. Make sure you guys take care of yourselves yeah? Sorry about the computer haha. It had a nice long life, but hey, all good things come to an end. It's all good though cuz Runescape isn't only found on that computer, so you guys should be all good haha. (BTW, found out that Elder Gee played Starcraft too, and we nearly freaked out hahaha.)

Soccer madness. The European Cup is going on right now.
Everyone follows it (this is in the streets) and sometimes it gets nuts!
As far as weather goes here in Aveiro, it's been HOT!!! No long sleeve shirts here! I kinda getting sun burn too haha. See when you ilikea, das y hard haha. Now gotta put da aila pale la (ekolu huaolelo? kkkk)

As far as food goes, nothing different really. Been pretty calm as far as that goes. Something I've discovered that I really like is chocolate milk. It's like $.67 and comes in a glass bottle so it's pretty cool. I've learned how to pop off the top without a bottle opener, so I'm all cool now. haha.

Anyway, I love you guys!!! Thank you soo much for all your love and support. I pray for you guys every day. Ficam bem (stay well).  To all the fathers of Hilo, and all the fathers I know, a shout out for a Happy Father's Day! :)

com amor,
Élder Kim do Hawaii

ps. the phrase of this transfer of our house has been "TRINTA E UM FACADAS" (31 stabs (doesn't really translate well, but it's close. It doesn't sound as good kkkk) Elder Teixeira and Felipi told us a story of this one murderer guy in Brasil who broke out of his cell to kill his dad who was also in prison there. He broke out and killed his dad with 30 stabs because his dad had killed his mom with 29. So he did one more to get even. It's a really sad and crazy story, but we say 31 facadas, just to like, top it. We were talking about going super sane, and we'd probably be like "AHHHHHHHH!!! 31 FACADAS" like that was our super power or something haha. Anyway, I don't know if you guys understood that but hopefully haha. Tchau!
Last picture with Nilson, "meu filho preto"! ("my black son")
This just in: I know I'm leaving Aveiro. Guarantee transferred. We just received Elder Tollefsen's new comp., Elder Andrade. Apparently, he just had surgery or something and so to make the adjustment easier for him, he was made aware of his new assignment early. I still don't know where I am going, but it's guarantee now that I'll leave. I'm both super excited and kinda sad. Super excited because it's somewhere new, but sad because I've learned to love this place. When I leave I will be leaving a piece of my heart here.... I'm doing my best to let everyone know I'm leaving.

I'm also kinda sad cuz this upcoming transfer is looking promising as far as people getting baptized. I'm sad I won't be able to be there when they do. I do take comfort though in the fact that I've done all I can to help this area. I've done all I can to help this area grow. I understand now that I was meant to come here to prepare the people of Aveiro. I was sent here to sow the seeds. I believe that this Elder that came in, Elder Andrade, will be the key in getting them all baptized. Everyone plays a part, and it seems like mine was in the preparation of this area.

Ward members of Aveiro who I have grown to love.

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