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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gaia 7/3/17

Gaia, at night, from the top
of our apartment building
Aloha Família!

This week has been complicated, haha. 

My companion was sick and we had to stay home a lot of times for him to recover and stuff. I had the opportunity to give him a blessing, clean the area book, clean house, and give service. He’s feeling better though, so we’ll do even better this week!

We taught this Muslim family, and because of me cleaning the house, we were able to give them a pamphlet they could understand in Arabic!
Elder Adams,  Carlos Peixoto,
and Elder Andrade
Elder Kim "found" him several
times, each time encouraging
him to be baptized, which he
was finally able to do!

I went to Mirandela to do a baptismal interview. Was super far! But really so beautiful!

Carlos Peixoto got baptized! I wasn’t able to make to his baptism, because of Elder Karthigeyan’s health, and our lack of an investigator, but I was able to talk to him on Sunday, and really he is a changed man! The gospel is true!

My trainer, Elder Meza, along with Elder Gabbitas and Elder Jonhson, and the sister missionaries that came in with me all died (slang for going home)....I’m kinda sad....but I’m sooo grateful for the good examples they left for me. Good people, good missionaries. I salute them, and wish them the best in real life (slang for “irl” for all you net savy individuals).

Oh by the way, me and Elder Karthigeyan are staying together one more here in Gaia 1A! Elder Dias (missionary trained by Elder Kim, his “son”) baptized last Saturday and will be staying in Covilhã! Elder Nunes (another “son”) is going to Matosinhos, taking Elder Bortolo’s spot there, and Elder Bortolo (former companion) is going back to Coimbra! It’s all too crazy!!

(l to r) Elder Meza, Elder Kim, Elder Gabbitas
Love These Guys!!! They are headed home after serving honorable missions.
All lived in the same house when Elder Kim started his mission in Aveiro.
Family, I love you guys! Seta get better! Jonah, nice haircut! Sam, camp looked fun! Be Sam Gibson’s friend! Bring him to church! Brandon, U da man! Also shoutout to Elder Ishibashi (ʻIo)! Thank you for your great example as well! Keep up the great work everyone! I know that God lives and loves us and is actively involved in our eternal progression. The gospel is still true!

com amor,
Elder Kim

The river in Mirandela
They have jet ski races here
every summer!
In the Elderʻs place in Mirandela,
hangs this sign. Every Elder who has
served in this area has signed it, for the last
5 years. A famous legend in the
Porto Mission, everyone wants to be assigned
to this area just so they can sign it. 

From Gaia to Mirandela is a 3 hour bus ride, but very scenic.

Lots of time, so I made a new
cover for my planner!

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