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Monday, March 6, 2017

Coimbra 3/06/2017

Aloha Família!

This week was pretty long.

Transfers went down pretty smooth. Nobody got lost this time, thankfully. Elder Meza is officially in Coimbra, his last area before going home, which has been dope!  I really love and respect him. He was an answer to my prayers. I remember in the MTC, praying about having a good trainer every night. I fasted for it a couple times. God totally took care. I am eternally grateful. Also, Elder Nunes is training again, so I have another grandson! yay!

I'm so happy I got a walking mission. A bike mission woulda been cool too, but a walking mission has been cool. Exercise, and a better connection with the people, cuz like everyone walks so we just talk to everyone.
 Some of the hills here in Coimbra.

We had an activity about auto sufficiency, and it was supposed to be HUGE. The other elders in our district had planned it out and stuff (but didn't put it into action good), and had gotten this auditorium at the university rented, and we (all the missionaries in the city of Coimbra) had like given out 2,600 invites, nothin'....there was hardly anybody there. I felt terrible! Plus, everyone thought I was in charge, but really, I didn't know anything, and the guy who did, got transferred! Was super yeah, planning, communication, and effective work is very important to put on a successful activity! haha.

Mario, who went to church last week, wants to be baptized! We were originally trying to help him be baptized this Saturday, the 11th, but he's not feeling ready, and he wasn't able to make it to church, so we're gonna keep working with him to help feel ready, and be baptized this month. (#orando) We have some other people were teaching that have potential, but aren't going to church. We also taught a lot of students this week, being in a college town. It is nice to teach. Being busy is nice. :)

The weather has been less cool, haha. It's basically been raining off and on, cold then humid hot, the whole week, rainy like Hilo, ua loku, but the rain is colder. There always seems to be a mist, or like a super light rain going. The ground is always wet. So, you put on your jacket cuz it's raining and it's cold, then as you keep working, you warm up, the rain kinda stops, and you debate whether to take off the jacket. Finally, you decide to take it off, cuz now you're more wet from your sweat than the rain, and of course, as you take it off, it starts to rain again. So yeah, it's been good haha. I'm actually liking the rainy weather. It's definitely spring. The trees are all blossoming and stuff, so it's been really pretty. Really, the weather has been nice. I should live it up while I can, cuz summer will be hot!

Portugues people don't really like the rain, so yeah... They work really hard to avoid it, and/or just don't work hard meaning, life goes on pause, and they stay home, cuz they no like get wet. It's pretty funny, but either way, we talk to them haha. Tem que ser neh?

That's about it família! Thank you for all your love, support, and emails! Sister, thank you soo much for being Pomaikai's friend! Funny to see the photo of the Awai clan. It's been a while. Still can't get over seeing uncle Doug Jr. with hair.... kinda weird haha. Nice to see Uncle David in the chapel though!

That's about it, fam! I love you guys!!! Tenham uma boa semana! (Have a great week!)

com amor,
Élder Kim

P.S. Sadly, I don't have a picture but me and Elder Casper just wen eat one burgerzinha. It is basically a huge burger, with francesinha sauce, fries and soda for $3.50. I'm happy haha

I had the chance to see Irmão Gil, the guy who coordinated our skype call for Christmas, when me and Elder Maloy did divisions last week. He is like the manager of the Burger King in my area. I LOVE HIM!!! He's soo awesome.

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