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Monday, February 27, 2017

Coimbra 2/27/17

Aloha Family!

This week was super; was just as crazy as I thought it would be....feeling pretty tired...and sadly, the craziness ain’t over, it being transfer week this it’s gonna be a long week again, but tudo bem, happy to be in a position to serve. 

Sister and Seta, you guys are looking good out there! Keep up the great work! Give um! No worry about the score just give um till the end! Jonah keep trucking on those papers man! Dad, please take care of yourself and keep to the diet. Mom, thank you for take care of him and good work on your class! Sam, run hard! I liked track, and coach is cool, but just go out there to do your best. Focus on consistently beating your own personal records and achieving your own goals, and it’ll all work out.

This week I had a division with Elder Maloy and was good. He’s such a good example to me, and he really inspired me. Sadly, Elder Maloy has been transferred out, and is going to Tomar, but I liked our time together on the division and him being my district leader the last couple transfers I was in Coimbra 2.

Elder Leimer and Sister Leimer were super cool in the tour da missão!! The Spirit was super strong as they spoke about working with members, giving yourself completely to the Lord, and trusting in His promises. Really liked Sister Leimer because she was totally participating which normally isn’t what the wives of the general authorities do; she really rounded it out. She totally reminded me of Grandma Odale and you mom, haha. But totally feeling pumped to be better and work better after this conference!  Oh yeah, btw directing the meeting went down nice.

Had my interview with Presidente and he helped me see how I can improve.

Met this cool jovem (youth) named Mario who came to church and is looking sharp!

Transfers are going down. Me and Elder Casper are staying, Elder Meza is coming to my zone as a DL, Elder Nunes is also a DL in my zone, which means divisions is going to be awesome!

I bought a backpack finally, because my shoulder back is kinda lame, all the weight being on one side, so pretty cool. Also, we went bowling again and I bowled 115 this time!

Anyway, that’s about it family! I love you guys sooo much! Thank you for all the emails! I’m sorry I still don’t have my physical address but I’ll try get it this week! Love you guys! Have a good week!

com amor,

Élder Kim

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