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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Coimbra 12/26/16

Aloha kākou e ka ʻohana!

Elder Kim, Elder Bortolo, Elder Maloy,
and Elder Bates, eating pizza at the mall.
Last P-day we went to the mall, and WAS CRAZY!!! I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I wanted to go check it out. It didn’t even occur to me that it’d be crazy because of Christmas, until you know, we got there, haha.

That night our one investigator, Eduardo, called us up and said he couldn’t meet with us the next day but could like right then. So we ran over and we had a lesson with him. At the end of the lesson he told us he wanted our help to drop smoking, and we were like yeah!!! So we’re helping him drop smoking and he’s doing great! We’re excited for him.

"I can't believe I ate so much pizza!"
We did a division with the Elders of Coimbra 1C. I ended up staying in my area with Elder Hirchi who just started his mission and we had a great day. We talked to tons of people, invited a couple to be baptized; we found a really cool family, did a kneeling prayer with them at the end; and we were able to pass in Leonel and Lucinda. Sadly, L&L are super closed off and don’t want to progress even though they KNOW ITS ALL TRUE!!! It’s kinda sad, but hey everyone has a choice right?

We gave a blessing to Irmão Gil’s (Gilbreto who emailed you guys) uncle at the hospital. I’m sooo grateful for the opportunity I have to be able to bless the lives of others in His name. Reminded me of when I use to go with Dad or the uncles to give sacrament and stuff. It really is a privilege to serve.

On Thursday was our Christmas conference with the Coimbra and Santarem zones. It was great!!! Presidente and Sister Amorim were there and it was great. President talked about some changes that would be happening in the upcoming years, showed us a video he and the office had made of photos we had sent in, and gave some great thoughts about Christmas. We also ate real good!!! There was bacalhau and I loved it! During the conference, I couldn’t help but realize and think that there is no gift better than that of the gospel, and that we have an opportunity to give everyone that gift every day. Me and Elder Bortolo worked real hard to set up and take down, but it was all worth it to see everyone happy there.
Caroling with the missionaries
stationed in Coimbra!

We went caroling with our district and the other district of Coimbra. It was real fun, even though at the time there wasn’t as many people as we would’ve hoped.

We were finally able to get into the jail this week, and it was a lot better than I thought it’d be. Elder Bortolo was talking it up that it was real bad, but wasn’t. Pedro Miguel, who we went to visit, is super cool! Really, the only thing that is holding him back from being baptized is being in jail. We’re gonna continue to help him be ready to be baptized when he gets out, which we’re praying and fasting to be soon, if it is God’s will.

Elder Bortolo, Miguel, Elder Maloy, Elder Bates, and Irmã Maria do Carmo
We had bachalau and it was AWESOME!!
We also ate dinner with Irmã Maria do Carmo on Christmas Eve. She’s real nice and the food was really good as well. I felt real classy cuz as we ate, she had like classical music playing, haha.

Nice to be talking to you guys, fam! It was real cool to see and talk to you guys yesterday, but at the same time kinda weird, cuz I dont know. It’s kinda been a while now, haha. 

I love you guys, family! I hope you guys had a great Christmas! Keep up the great work!

com amor,

Elder Kim

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