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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Coimbra 12/12/16

Christmas has arrived in Coimbra!!
Aloha e ka ohana!!!

It’s been a great first week of the transfer!

We’re teaching this mom and son English, and they’re super elect!!!

Had my last district meeting with Elder Teixeira! He was transferred to Caldas de Raina, which is in the south, so that was super sad.

Last time with Elder Teixeira, who was transferred
further south. Elder Kim's "Aveiro Brother"
We have a new elder in our district, his name is Elder Bates and he’s from Idaho Falls, Idaho. It was really weird to meet him cuz it was like wow, not to long ago that was me being trained! Speaking of which I made 11 months on the mish this week!

Me and Elder Bortolo got our ingrown toenails cut! This time it was a lot smoother, I barely even felt anything when she cut off the ingrown part. Unlike last time where they like strapped me down and like sawed off my toe with a scissors. I’m sorry no pic of the part she took out, haha.

We found these two guys who are super cool! Mario, and Agostino! They were investigators in the past but because of some complications with the elders they stopped progressing. We’re trying to help them come back and be baptized, cuz both of them at one point was marked for baptism! We’re super excited! Agostino went church and everything and is looking sharp.

We’re planning a special Christmas activity for this Saturday with both wards in Coimbra and we’re super excited! There’s been some complications with communication, but we’re learning a lot about how to coordinate better with members and missionaries.

Eating pancakes! Elder Kim, Carlos,
and Americo. They are brothers.
We ate pancakes with a recent convert, Carlos. He’s super cool! What’s even cooler is that I was there when he got baptized in March! He is super cool! He had been given a Book of Mormon by his brother, and after years of not reading it, he read it, he prayed and got a testimony that it was true. 2 weeks after coming back from Switzerland, he got baptized here. Now he blesses and passes the sacrament, and is getting ready to be married in the temple in April!!!

On Saturday, we had run out of firm plans at the end of the day and we were like what should we do. We had a few options, and we didn’t know what we should do. So, we prayed, asking for His will, thought about our options again, made a decision, and acted on it. We were then guided to two people who were willing to hear our message!!! I know that He guides us if we are open to ask, to act, and follow. He is at the helm!

Family, I love you guys!!! Happy Christmas!!! Be a light unto the world! Keep the peace plz bros! Keep up the great work, and remember, we only gain the blessings as we persevere to the end!

com amor,

Elder Kim

Fall is definitely here in Coimbra

Elder Kim and Sister Waddell. She
finished her mission and is
touring Portugal with her parents.

Teresa and Nelso. They were married
just prior to being baptized. 

Teresa and Nelso's wedding/baptism.
Elder Kim was asked to take pictures
of the proceedings.

Coimbra sits on many hills. A view
from the top of one of them.
Elder Bortolo with a map of Coimbra.
Apparently, the sister missionaries were
not fully aware of their boundaries
and needed to be reminded with love,
as demonstrated above by Elder Bortolo.

Christmas Decorations in Coimbra
An outdoor Christmas concert in Coimbra

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