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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Coimbra 12/19/16

Plastic cup snowman in Coimbra
Mele Kalikimaka!!!

Well it's been getting cada vez mais frio (getting colder) here and so we've been keeping warm as we (sometimes literally) run around Coimbra doing the Lord's errand.

It was funny reading that Irmão Castro has family from Leiria seeing as we passed thru Leiria on Tuesday. We went down to visit the district meeting and see how things are going. Sadly, we had to wake up at 6am to make it which was a bummer.... but, it was a really good meeting, and Leiria is super beautiful! Was also super cold when we got there haha. After the meeting, Elder Cardenuto and his comp., Elder Blackmore, treated us to pizza, so was all worth it, right?! haha

A huge candle made out of
pallets in Leiria.
That afternoon, as we worked, we ran out of marked appointments and we had a few options, but we didn't have a clear path in mind. We took the matter to the Lord in prayer and asked for His will. We decided to stay, as we felt impressed to stay, and we were led to this Brazilian named Eduardo!!!! He's 18 years old and is super cool!!! We taught the message, and he accepted. He was really excited to read the Book of Mormon. I don't know if he really understood the restoration or the apostasy though, so we're gonna be working with him on that.

We had Leadership meeting again, and it took ALL DAY!!! But it was really good. I liked it a lot. We talked and discussed about how we want the mission to progress, how to implement our plans, and during the whole time, I couldn't help but agree with and be amazed by the plans, insights and suggestions that Presidente had. I'm super excited for the upcoming year! Another cool fact is that me and Elder Bortolo have our own phones now haha. I mean, it's basically an enhanced rock, but it makes talking to the zone easier, that's for sure. Also, we have the Christmas zone conferences, that should be cool!
Giant candle with Leiria's
castle in the background.

We did a division with our district leader, Elder Maloy, and it was really good. I ended up going with his comp., Elder Bates, who has about a week on the mish now, and we had a great time talking to everyone! We passed by Ema and Emersons house, and Ema told us that her son Emerson is recovering good, that her other son was coming in that day from Moçambique. She wants us to meet him and pass by as soon as Emerson can. Super cool!

The Christmas party with Coimbra 1 and 2 wards was not terrible, I guess you could say haha. The Bishop of Coimbra basically didn't use the program we made, and did his yeah. The first half was really good. We watched the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional, but after, during the "funner part," things were kinda out of yeah....but I guess the wards liked it and so did the investigators, so all good, I guess. Also, many of our members brought friends, so we're excited with that!!!!

Elder Kim, in Leiria
On Sunday, Claudia, an investigator of the sister's, was baptized. Elder Bortolo is the one that baptized her. It's super cool cuz she is the girlfriend of one of the members. After seeing the baptism of Mario a few weeks ago, she went up to the sisters and was like, "I wanna be baptized!" MILAGRES!!! (MIRACLES!!!)

Family, happy to hear you guys are all doing good. Please strive to keep Christ as the center of this great season. I know that He is our redeemer and king. I know that He is the Son of God, and though He might've been more than any other man in that aspect, He descended below the world and suffered it all, according to the flesh. He knows exactly how to help us, and will help us, if we are humble and patient enough to accept His help. Be of good cheer. He has overcome the world! 

Love you fam! Mele Kalikimaka!

com amor,

Elder Kim in (one of) the homelands KKKKKKK

Elder Bortolo, standing in front of a little kiosk.
Translated, the sign says "Kiosk, the Ugly One"


Elder Kim on a wallking bridge in Leiria

Elder Kim and Elder Blackmore, from Idaho.
Elder Blackmore has only been out 1 week in the mission.

Train station in Coimbra before leaving for
leadership meeting in Porto. It was POURING rain!!


  1. Feliz Navidad Hyrum. Love the weekly updates. Have a wonderful Christmas. Come unto Jesus. Feel, See,and Do. love, Gramma Odale.

  2. Merry Christmas Elder Kim!
    Love, the Awai's