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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

YOU (almost but not quite) GOT IT! 9/26/16


Patch of the Coat of Arms for
Povoa de Varzim
This has been the first kinda normal week. It's been great training Elder Dias, and just working. We've definitely been seeing little miracles along the way. I gotta say, I'm sooo grateful for the opportunities we have to talk to everyone, and play a small part in making peoples' lives better and helping them onto the path of CELESTIAL GLORY!!!! FOR GLORY MY CHILDREN!!! BLOOD AND GLORY!!! Oh wait, what am I saying here, hahaha.

We were able to meet up with Américo and Edoarda this week. Notice the "and Edoarda" part. I was sooo happy! It was the first time we were able to meet with both of them since the first few times we talked with them. Sadly, the member who scheduled to come with us canceled :( but we went and shared the 20 minute First Vision film with them, and the Spirit was so strong. Then we talked about and bore testimony of prayers and the importance of prayers. It was great!!! I really think Edoarda is opening up to it all, and I hope I can be here to help them be baptized.

We were also able to teach Maria dos Santos who came to church last Sunday. We planned to teach her the plan of salvation, but we showed up and we started talking with her, and I was like "no" to 2nd lesson. So when we started teaching her it was the restoration and it went great!!! She committed to read and pray about it, and even accepted baptism but not a date. We're excited for her, especially cuz it seems like she has a lot of desire to learn more. Sadly, she couldn't come to church but all good. We'll get her this week.

On Thursday we had a cool experience. We passed by some potentials, and some investigators and nobody was available. So we were just talking with everyone on the street, then I decided that we'd pass this person we hadn't planned to pass. So we went; she wasn't available; so we started knocking doors. As we were knocking doors, Elder Dias points out this guy and he's like we gotta talk to him. I was like "rajah dat bu, lead the way". So we went over, contacted him and he let us teach him right there on a bench. It was a great lesson!!!! He was asking questions, and was really involved! In the end he accepted the invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We're really excited for him. I'm so grateful that we are entitled to the promptings of the Spirit, cuz He knows who's ready, and He's trying to help us reach them.

Something I always say to my comps is, I hope they read and pray like they say they will. Many don't, and that's why they don't progress, but I know that if they had they woulda known that ALL THIS STUFF IS TRUE!!!!! Its soooo frustrating that they have in their hands and in their mind, the capacity to receive DIVINE REVELATION, and answers FROM GOD, BUT THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING AND SO THEY DON'T KNOW!!! I know that we are all capable of receiving an answer from God if we do our part. Like Elder Nunes used to say, "you gotta put your foot out first, after God will put the ground". Something like that, haha.

Elder Dias and Elder Kim got caught in a rain storm on the
way home. If you click on the picture, you can see the
layer of water covering their smiling faces and clothes.
We found a lady last week that we were able to teach a quick lesson too, and she said that we could come back and talk to her and her husband another day. So we went over on Friday night, and they were ready and waiting for us!!! We taught them the restoration and it went down great!!! Elder Dias is getting better every lesson. Like always I hope they read and pray like they said they will. They said they can't come church this Sunday but we're hoping that next Sunday they can. They have three young children, so were really pumped to be teaching them.

The family we taught last week, the Silvas, we were able to teach again!!! They were all there, all participated, it was great!!!They have sooo much potential. We taught them the plan of salvation and it was great! I taught most of the lesson, since Elder Dias didn't really know the lesson that well. It took a while, and they expressed some doubts and some other ideas, but I was able to respond and help them see why we believe in the things we do and why it just makes more sense. They didn't read or pray :( but they said they would this week, and they also said they'd come to church. We're really stoked for them!

Sunday was super busy, and kinda bitter sweet. Cool but not AWESOME. We were planning and working to have 10 people in church but sadly despite all our efforts, it didn't work out....The Silvas cancelled on us at the last minute and broke my heart, Americo and Edoarda also didn't show up, and an investigator who we were supposed to walk to church with also didn't show....but it was still good cuz Manuel came to church again. 3rd time in a row, but we still haven't been able to teach him since his first time cuz he's NEVER HOME. We also had Rosemeire, who me and Elder Nunes found my first week here and who had told us she'd go to church numerous times but never did until yesterday!!!

We are working hard and were loving it. It's the roughest two years, but hey they're the best.

Funny thoughts:

Before Haircut!
After Haircut!
I cut the hair of Elder Dias this morning with a buzzer he brought from home. After he saw himself he was super happy! He really liked it!!! He told me that I needed to marry an African now so that when I have sons with African hair like his I can cut it and make it look awesome haha. So I guess we'll see how that goes, haha.

We met a ton of Jehovah Witnesses yesterday and that was funny, almost got heated a couple times but no blows were thrown, so all good.

Anyways I love you, family!!! Keep up the great work!!! Jonah stay strong despite the work load! Sam keep running! Seth and sister keep getting along, keep swimming and have fun with Yugioh!!! Shout out to Aunty Morgan, CONGRATS!!! Mom and Dad stay safe in Utah!

com amor,
Elder Kim

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