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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Povoa de Varzim 9/5/16

Olá Família!

Sorry this week is going to have to be a quicker one. There were some complications with the use of the computers and stuff and I literally have 13 minutes left of P-day so well see what I'll get to talk about.
P-Days are for Haircuts: Yeah!!
On Tuesday we had district meeting here in Póvoa. The sisters came down, and also a missionary couple as well, Elder and Sister Roque. They came down to do an evaluation of me as a DL and after they told me they really liked it and that I did well. We talked a lot about people we're working with now and how we can help them and stuff. It was a great meeting.

Also this week we marked this guy named Fernando. He's about 60ish years old and is pretty cool. We committed him to the 17th and are helping him to stop smoking and drinking coffee and alcohol. He even came to church!!! He walked with us for 40 minutes, and even wore a white shirt and slacks! He was a trooper.

Elder Nunes told me that his first impression of me was that I was a nerd. Apparently I have a nerd face, haha.

We got kicked out of a building for the first time. We were knocking doors, and (this guy) comes in and he's like you can leave. And we're like" wat?" cuz we didn't hear him and then he starts getting nuts threatening to call the cops. So we left, but part of me wanted to tell him to call um, haha.

Been meeting and seeing tons of TJs this week. In other words, Jehovah witnesses. We almost got into some bible bashes, but thankfully that craziness was avoided. Elder Nunes wanted to go back but I was like "boy, we ain't going back, somebody would die, and it sure ain't gonna be us".

Yesterday, we were knocking doors and I was all discouraged cuz everyone was saying no. But we decided to knock one more building and we found this guy whose 17years old. His name is Ricardo and he's super cool!!!!!!! Totally a miracle!!!

I'm so grateful for Heavenly Father's help!!! We just need to put all we got on the altar of sacrifice and then a little more, and He's waiting to bless us.

I got to go family but I love you!!! Keep up the great work and stay safe!!!

com amor,
Elder Kim

*Following are pictures Elder Kim sent of their apartment.*

Elder Kim is the bottom bunk.

Favorite Hangout is the kitchen.




Living Room

Living Room
Study Room

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