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Friday, September 2, 2016

SUPER SAIYAN 5 (08/29/16)

Olá minha família!!!

It's been a rather interesting week, and we've done a ton of traveling, hence the title, haha.

On our way to Viana do Castelo
Last Tuesday we went to Viana do Castelo to do district meeting. On Wednesday we went to Porto to do our annual interviews with Presidnte Amorim. Friday we went back to Porto so that I could get my foot checked out. It's been a lot of time on the bus and the metro, haha.

Elder Nunes and I at a park
in Porto
Despite all that, this week has been not bad. Me and Elder Nunes were able to find and teach this mother and son and we almost got them to church. They really liked our message and they've been reading the Book of Mormon. Sadly, when we went to their house with bishop, the son was waiting downstairs and told us that they had family over and that they drank a lot. He wasn't feeling good but that we could come back another time. By the way they're older as well, haha.

We were able to meet with Américo and Edoarda and talked to them about marriage and baptism. Américo is totally for being baptized but Edoarda is still not really for it. They were able to attend a baptism in Porto that happened during a stake activity, and Américo was able to come to church. We've invited them to pray and seek God's will to know if they should get married and baptized or not. We gonna take it a little slower with them, and help them to strengthen their faith.

Yesterday, we talked to this lady named Diana. We started teaching her the restoration, but then she started getting all like bible bashy and started telling us that we didn't know which church was true. She was like you don't know and pointed at me. I got pretty upset. I was like going SUPER SAIYAN 5 (note: a reference to the "Dragonball Z" cartoon), but Elder Nunes took over before I blew up, and patiently explained to her some of the things she was talking about. I'm so grateful for my companion!!! I'm learning so much about being patient and humble from him!

Funny/interesting things:

I saw a lamby!!! (baby sheep) It was sooo cute!!! It just made me think of Gravity Falls (note: another cartoon) when one of the twins does the lamby dance!!!

Saw a door mat that said "Welcome to the Republic of my House"

Soccer Buddy
Soccer Buddy
Played soccer with some kids. They thought I was Brazilian (I don't know why but people tend to think I'm Brazilian even though I totally don't look like it) and I was like nope.  I think they thought I neva know how for play, but they thought wrong cuz we won, haha. Sadly, they didn't wanna take a pic with me cuz they didn't wanna be posted on social media. Lame....

Us walking down the street; cops rip by on their cop motorcycles; some of them had some huge guns. The thought that came to my head was "Those ain't no water guns" then "that ain't no water gun fight", haha.

Every time we got on the metro we end up finding Brazilian tourists. They're always like "Your Brazilian too?!?! Cool!" when talking to Elder Nunes. Then they ask me where I'm from and I'm like "from America", and their like "oh" and continue talking to Elder Nunes. Hahaha. Then they'll be like "does he understand?" pointing to me talking to Elder Nunes, and I always laugh. Elder Nunes is always like "yeah, he speaks Portuguese", but I think the next time it happens I'll just play along like I don't know haha. We'll see.

Anyway that's it for me family. Got to go!!! Keep up the good work!!! 

me ke aloha,
Elder Kim

PS I heard that the one sister from Hawaii is in Coimbra. Elder Teixeira told me he talked to her, and Presidente told me that she'd be a great missionary! 

Alheira Sausage. A bit too much
for my tastes.
An interesting building I saw in
Viana do Castelo. Not sure what it is tho...

A picture I found that was taken in 1947. If you look back to my post on 8/15/16,
you will see a more recent picture of the building in the above background,
taken from the bridge, also pictured above.

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