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Monday, October 3, 2016

Povoa de Varzim 10/03/16


I feel like this has been a normal, but non-normal week. We worked normally up until Friday and then it just got crazy on Saturday and Sunday.

Some cool things from the week:

-We contacted this guy on the street, and he said that he didn't know a lot about God but he'd like to talk to us. He gave us his address cuz he no more phone, and turns out he lives almost literally right next to the chapel. We passed by a different day and he was home. We taught him the restoration and he liked it, and we committed him to be baptized on the 22nd. Sadly, he wasn't able to make it to conference cuz of a weird work schedule this week, but well get him there next week.

-We had to watch conference in Porto so this whole past weekend has been crazy getting to and from Porto. The time difference only made it more interesting, haha. Something cool though, is that unlike the last time I watched conference, I understood what was being said!!! Last time I had to watch conference in Portuguese I don't think I understood too much, but this time I did! yay! haha. I'm sooo grateful for Gods help with a lingua potuguesa. On a sad note, we didn't have any investigators watch conference because we woulda had to take them to Porto which is super far and out of the way. The people who said they'd go ended up getting sick, but we're definitely gonna be trying to use conference in our teaching with them in the future, so right on.
Irma Deborah and Elder Kim.
Helping her and Ricardo (her husband)
move apartments.

-We had a service project!!!! We helped a member couple move houses. We moved stuff for them, and then after I helped build their furniture. It was great!!! I LOVED IT!!! Also, I think I forgot to mention, but last week we had a service project as well. We helped a different sister move houses too. I miss manual labor haha. My hands coming soft, haha. We started for work and I was like wow, I miss doing this kinda stuff. But com certeza, I am no longer in work shape, haha 

Helping Move (L to R):
Christiano, Ricardo, Elder Kim
with Elder Dias in Back
-We gave a lot of blessings this week which was really cool. Blessing number one- knocked this door, a guy and his wife answered and said they couldn't talk to us cuz she was sick. We offered to give them a blessing and she accepted. We gave her a blessing then taught them about His love and Atonement then marked to come back a different day. Blessing 2&3-a less active couple called us and set up an appointment with us. We went over to their house, gave a quick lesson, and then asked if they wanted a blessing since both were sick. They accepted. Blessing-4-Elder Dias started having heart pain on Friday night, so we had to go home early. He asked for a blessing and I was able to give him one. Blessing 5- Pass by Fernanda and Henrique after the priesthood session Sunday morning, and she was hurting a lot. We asked if she'd like a blessing and she accepted. After the blessing she said she had been praying for help and that He had sent us.

I'm soo grateful for the opportunities we have as missionaries to use our priesthood. It makes me feel good inside to know that we have power given to us from God to literally bless their lives. One of the things I learned at conference is that we all have a solemn responsibility to serve. We choose that when we came to earth. No service is too small. No calling is insignificant. God wants us to love each other and to serve each other, and we will only be blessed as we do. We get to know Him better, we gain talents, we become more like Him. It is our blessing and privilege to serve others.

This conference just made me so grateful for the organization of the church. I know that we have a living prophet and 12 apostles that lead and guide us in these latter days. I know that God's divine authority has been restored here upon the earth and by it He governs His church. I know that we are all sons and daughters of God, and I am grateful that He has prepared a way for us to return to Him.

Sam, Seth, Sister, great job in your sports!!! Sam great race!!! Is it the same course?! Just pound the downhill my brother, and when somebody starts to go faster go with them, let them pull you. The hardest battle is the one between your ears. Jonah keep going bro! I know you can do it. We will survive!!! I'm sorry that my project ideas didn't work out but I know you will do something great! Mom, Dad, happy you guys had a great time and got home safe.

I'm sorry I don't really have much else to say haha. Have a great week! Love you guys!

com poder (with power) kkkk,
Élder Kim

Watching Conference with Elder Dias. Last session ended at 11pm, their time, in Povoa.

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