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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gaia 6/19/17

Aloha Family!
Elder Kim and Elder Karthigeyan

It’s been getting HOT in Gaia! Fogo (Fire)! Been pretty nuts, but me and Elder Karthigeyan, we handle and get the work done. I would say grin and bear it, but it’s more like sweat and bear it.

We had our normal interviews with Presidente Amorim and it worked out great. I received great counsel on being a better leader and how to make sure to not limit people’s capacity by the way we "look at them".

We found some cool people despite the heat, and we were able to work with Carlos Braga almost every day this week. He just seems lighter because he’s been working with us. It’s just amazing to see the positive effect that the gospel has on the lives of the people who actually put it into practice. The gospel is true, I know it, and really, EVERYONE can know it as they experiment.

Estevão, this albino angolan we’re teaching came to church again and we’re excited for him!

Dad, I love you! Mom that goes for you too, and family, I love you guys too!

Have a great week family! Fight the good fight, keep the faith!

com amor,
Élder Kim

Sunset in Gaia

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