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Monday, June 12, 2017

Gaia 6/12/17

This group of missionaries all came
to the Porto Mission at the same time.
The sisters will be returning home the
first week of July.
Sis. Foote, Sis. Cook, Sis. Paulo,
Elder Bortolo, Elder Wanlass, Elder Kim
( left to right)
Aloha Família!

We had mission council this week and was super cool to see a lot of my friends there. We talked a lot about the importance of putting what we learn into practice so that we might gain the blessings. Nobody receives the blessings until they keep the commandments. Nobody is paid before working; nobody knows what salt tastes like until you taste it. Its soo crazy that the sisters that came in with me to the mish are dying! (leaving the mission to return home)

Zone meeting ran rather smoothly. I felt like we were able to pass along what Presidente had asked us to pass and that everyone left more excited and ready to go than when they got there. Was a lot of work and headaches, but I'm glad we were able to get it done.

We had a division, and I went with Elder Rocha, who's from Brazil. We had a great division, and we spent the whole thing teaching! Was awesome! He really is a good teacher, and I learned a lot from him! We also had the opportunity to give two blessings, and mark an investigator for baptism! He's a great missionary and I really respect him a lot.

So yeah, we marked Carlos Peixoto! Super cool! He gave a super solid yes to being baptized on the 24th of this month, and we made the plans to help him drop smoking and coffee. He came to church, and he's like "wow I just feel like I need to be here, and this church is great!" It really is! Sadly he's not from our area.....but we prayed about it and we felt at peace in passing him (to the missionaries in that area), so I'm excited to see him baptized even if we're not the ones to do it. It's even cooler cuz the way we found him was when I contacted him on the street and invited him to be baptized. He said no and we parted ways, but after running into him repeatedly during the last few weeks, he accepted the invitation to listen to us and now look at him! The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Missionaries at service project:
Yard Service!!
Btw, we also had an ice cream night we put on with the ward and was a hit! We had a spiritual thought, then some games, then ice cream! We had like 4 investigators there and they loved it!

We helped Estevão and his bro to come to church too! They're from Angola, and Estevão is like an albino and their super dope! Love them!

Me and Elder Karthigeyan are working hard and doing our best. I'm so grateful for my comp and the desire he has to be and do better. We're doing our best, talking to everyone and God has been blessing us. I know He lives and loves us that we are proved in our things to prepare us for bigger and better things. God is good.

Family, I love you! Keep up the great work! Have a great week!

me ke aloha,
Elder Kim
(l-r) Sis Foote, Sis Cook, Elder Kim, Presidente Amorim, Elder Wanlass

The River Douro divides Gaia from Porto.

One of seven bridges that joins Gaia to Porto.

A pic from atop the bridge. It is a high,
scenic point where many tourists gather
to take pictures of the vista.

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  1. God is good. So wonderful to see the fruits of your labor in many simple ways. Faith develops trust and vice versa. Love your zeal Hyrum. Gramma Odale.