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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Transferências Coimbra 4/9/2017

Aloha Família,

It's been a rather crazy week.

We had Zone Conference with Presidente. Was cool to be able to see everyone, have a nice lunch, and learn about how we can be better missionaries.

Élder Kim & Élder Nunes.
Take note of the tie :)
We had divisions with Elder Nunes guys right after that. Was super cool to go work with Elder Nunes in Viseu. Made me so happy to see the progress he's made, and all the good work they're doing. He even still has the tie I gave him! haha

We also had divisions with Elder Meza guys! I went with Elder Meza and we had a crazy division. We helped this lady move houses, taught an atheist, found some people, did tons of contacts, and ate lunch with bishop. Was great! I am so grateful for Elder Meza and all that he's taught me. I honestly love him a lot.

Élder Meza & Élder Kim
Élder Meza will train another élder this transfer.
I'm gonna be a "big brother!"
 Transfers came and I have been commanded to leave Coimbra 1A and to go to Vila Nova de Gaia 1A, "the promised land," with Elder Wanlass, my old MTC comp!!! The zone will be 25 people big, with four districts. I'm sad to leave Coimbra and grateful for all I've learned here, but I'm excited to go to Gaia! Everybody who goes there loves it.

Another cool thing was that this return missionary from like 18 years ago passed by the chapel with his family as we were cleaning, and he took pics of us, and told us how it was back when he was there haha. Funny enough, he served in Gaia and Coimbra 1 as well.

Well, I love you family!!! Thanks for all the love and support! I'll let you guys know how my 20th bday goes down, along with my new area, next week! Love you guys!!!

-Élder Kim

Right after zone conference, waiting at McDonalds before we get on the bus to Viseu.
P-day fun at a nearby shopping complex. 
Finally got my Pūlama Mauli Ola shirt, 2 mos after the fact, but at least I got it ;)
Bro. H, a returned missionary from 18 years ago, took this picture of us as he was passing through Portugal. 
Last time, Coimbra 1A District pictured L to R: Élder Kim, Élder Casper,
Élder Nascimento, Élder Hirchi, Sister Shepard, Sister Bento

Pictures of Coimbra from Ceira, a city 5 km away, but we have to cross the Mondego River to get there. Everything is green and the days are definitely warming up. I will miss Coimbra!

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  1. Wonderful week. So good to hear your printed words. Life here off the grid is better as it warms up! I loved all the talks from conference. I loved Brother Cordon"s talk about it is wisdom from God to preserve the language of our fathers. He then moved into preserving the gospel of Jesus Christ language through daily prayers, being taught in our homes at a young age. Daily scripture study preserves the Godly language thru usage, thru the Spirit, thru the practice of service. Then strong modeling of the principles such as paying your tithing,magnifying our callings. Making sure our traditions help us obey the gospel principles. I thought he gave us many examples of how to retain the gospel language with perfect love. You will have 4 languages you are practicing and the 4th, the Gospel language I'd eternal. Practice it every day eternally. Your parents are great examples of consistently preparing their children in the gospel language.
    Happy Birthday Hyrum! Love, Gramma Odale