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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Coimbra 4/3/2017

Aloha Família!

Thanks for all your guys love and support! Especially love the pics! Sam, you looking good in those spikes! Keep running! Seta and Sister, keep playing hard! Gotta say, looking at that picture of Sister, I thought she was gonna take one to the face... Jonah, I heard you're "moneybags," haha. Good on you man! Make sure you always trustworthy. Dad, thank you for provide for the family. Please take care of yourself! Mom, you da bomb! Hiki no!!! Keep running!

This week was a not bad week. Weather was not bad, short sleeve mostly. :)

Elder Holdsworth and I on a division. He is from Arizona.
We had a great division! Love his attitude and mindset.
We had a division with the elders of Leiria B. I went with Elder Holdsworth and we had a great division. He has a great attitude, and I really enjoyed myself with him. We taught this guy named António in his homemade wine cellar. I asked him if it's like for him and his family and he's says "no....just me and my friends," haha #mancave. But he actually read the pamphlet me and elder casper had given him. He was like, "I only got two questions, who's Joseph smith? and who is Moroni?" So, we answered his questions and explained about the Book of Mormon and he was like "hm... it makes sense. I have 2 conclusions. First conclusion: I need to buy the Book of Mormon. 2 conclusion: I need to go to church, what time is it?" We're like, 'wow super cool!' We gave him a FREE copy of the Book of Mormon, told him when church was, bore our testimonies, and we were on our way. He wasn't able to come to church, but we're gonna keep working with him.

We had dinner with this super cool investigator family! They fed us arroz de pato, rice of duck, a kind of fried rice with duck and chorizo sausages. It was really ono! They were gonna come to Conference, but then their water heater broke, flooding their house with scalding hot water. Thankfully all is well, and we're gonna keep passing by.

Investigator family and I eating arroz de pato. You can see
the chorizos on our rice. So ʻono!
 Conference was really good. We watched it in Português. It was cool to see the progression of my language skills from the first time I watched conference, and even from the last time I watched. Now, even my notes are in Português. Because of the time difference, we were at the chapel ALL DAY to attend General Conference. We watched the first session on Saturday night from 5:00pm-7:00p. On Sunday, we watched the Priesthood session from 10a-12pm, watched the second session from 1p-3p, had baptisms from 3-5p, watched the first session of Sunday from 5-7p, conducted mission zone business from 7-9p, and finished off the last session of conference from 9-11pm. We just camped out at the chapel, haha. We got home at like 11:30p. Cool fun fact: Elder U. Soares of the Seventy, who spoke on Saturday morning, was a mission presidente for Portugal, Porto mission.

Truly, God speaks through His servants, the prophets. I heard a lot of stuff I needed to hear, and I'll be trying better to do. It confirmed a lot about what I've been thinking about and studying about. Soo grateful for our loving Heavenly Father who leads and guides us in these latter days!

I think that's about it family! Please keep up the great work. Look for ways to apply what you've learned from conference in your lives! I love you guys!!!!

-Élder Kim

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