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Monday, February 20, 2017

Coimbra 2/20/17

Boa tarde família!

Really liked the pics of Pulama!!!! I sadly haven't gotten my shirt, but maybe I'll get it this week along with my card haha. Everybody looks good, and the shirts are awesome! Looks like was sunny too! Usually the week before it rains like crazy, yeah? What kine hula did you guys do? Any good hula kahiko? Did Alo Kehau come? Ho Jonah, da hair coming long, bu! Gotta cut already! I cut my hair today; I don't know if I like how it turned out, but yeah, tudo bem. At least Presidente won't kill me.

So, this week was pretty good. Not this past Sunday, but the one before, Elder Meza (Hyrum's trainer and current ZL of Santarem zone) called us up and he and his zone declared war on us, the zone of Coimbra, in new investigators per dupla (set of missionaries) in a fun way to motivate everyone. I personally got super stoked when we got the call, and I thought it was a great idea. So, during the week, we would send out this funny "war" themed texts to kinda help motivate everyone and remind them of the challenge. In the end, we found 90 new investigators as a zone this week (we found 52 the week before) and so about 5.3 per dupla against Santarem's 32 (they found like 20 last week) or about 3.2 per dupla. WE WON!!!! My old man (slang for the one who trained you), Elder Meza, owes me lunch now the next mission council, which happens to be this upcoming week so I'm all happy haha. Plus, it was a fun way to get everyone pumped to work. I gotta say though, Elder Meza guys zone texts were sooo much funnier than ours haha. He has a gift.

In the van, on our way to Covilhã
We went to Covilhã this week to do a "distruction" of the area. Meaning we took 5 duplas to Covilhã, and we all worked there for a few hours. We had to leave Coimbra at about 7ish so that we could get there at about 10am. Was a long ride, but super fun to catch up with everyone and laugh. Probably the closest thing we get to an excursion or vacation haha. We ended helping them find 7 new investigators, and plenty of potential investigators, and inviting tons of people to the branch conference the next day. I really feel for that branch cuz, like not too long ago, a few families moved out and now they have an active population of like 7 including the 2 elders. It's really humbling. It went down real smoothly and I hope the elders there can efficiently use all the information we got for them and that it helps that branch grow.

Presidente rescheduled our interviews again. but he's busy so I understand.

We didn't have anybody to church, so that was sad and pretty frustrating.

This upcoming week is gonna be crazy with a mission tour going on. Elder Leimer, a general authority is coming so should be cool. We have a special zone conference with him, and Presidente, and the Santarem zone on Thursday. I'll be conducting (small kine nervous). We also have a special leaders conference on Friday. So, lots of stress and prep work on our part. Haha! Loving it!

Family, I love you guys! Thanks for you guys good work! Know that I love you guys, and that I'm working hard and doing my best to help the Portuguese people come unto Christ. Love you guys!!!

Tenham uma boa semana!
-Élder Kim

Covilhã is a small town in the mountains.

Another pic of Covilhã.

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