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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Coimbra 11/7/16

In a place called Lordemao, when it was still hot.
Boa tarde família!!!

I gotta get off soon so this will be a quick one.

Me and Elder Bortolo are doing good here in Coimbra. It has been quite a week. It started off hot, and ended freezing. We’ve found tons of cool people, and sadly most of them we had to pass to the sisters or other elders cuz they don’t live in our area. We helped a family get to church, but turns out they too live in the sister’s area. It’s been a good, but frustrating week.
Needed beanies by end of week


WE TAUGHT A SHAMAN!!! Hahaha! So we contacted this college student the other week and he said we could meet up with him. Turns out he’s from Finland, and his dad is a shaman and scientist and that this guy was getting ready to be a shaman as well! Also he only spoke English! I mean he could kind of speak Portuguese, but about like more profound topics, he spoke in English. It was a super cool lesson, and we appeared to have a lot of connections and stuff, but sadly he no like progress so all good, haha. Apparently he doesn’t like organization so he no like go church, haha.

JOÂO BARROS FOI BATIZADO!!! I got a call from the Elders in Povoa on Saturday night telling me that he got baptized! I was sooo happy! They put him on the phone and I couldn’t help but cry. Its soo cool to know that I played a part in that story. 

Elder Dias, Joao Barros, and Elder Gabbitas
Shout out to Elder Kim's "Uncle" Gabbitas, who called to
let Elder Kim know it happened. Elder Kim was able to help
teach Joao in Povoa de Varzim until his transfer to Coimbra.

We contacted this guy yesterday, and were able to teach him the first lesson. During the lesson he told us he wanted to stop smoking and have a new life. We were like "Right on!!! You are talking to the right people!". We invited him to be baptized, and he is now marked to be baptized on the 26 of November!

Elder Bartolo and Elder Kim
It’s been really cold the last three days! It was really hot; and then the weather decided that on Saturday it should be cold, and it got super cold, hahaha.

HAPPY BDAY SETA!!!! HAUʻOLI LĀ HĀNAU!!!! FELIZ ANIVERSSÁRIO!!!! So happy to hear you are now 12 years old and have the priesthood. You now have the sacred opportunity, responsibility and blessing to bless and serve others! I love you, Seta!!!

Well that’s about it family! I’m doing good here in Coimbra. We are doing our best to be better, worker better and find those sons and daughters of God who are open to our message. I love you guys tons! I loved the costumes!!! Have a great week!

com amor,

Elder Kim

Our apartment in Coimbra

Laundry room
Study area

Kitchen/Dining area
Elder Bartolo made a true
Brazilian meal for us

A bairro (community) called Ingote. Coimbra
is on a hill/mountain, so you are always
walking up or down.

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