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Monday, November 14, 2016

Coimbra 11/14/16

Aloha Família!!!!

I just wanna first say thank you for the packages I got with the exercise bands, the pens, the cards from the Relief Society Symposium, a package from Aunty Boopie, and some letters from Aunty Tia and Uncle Peeta. THANK U SOOO MUCH!!!!!

Elder Bortolo and Elder Kim at Coimbra Train Station.
Getting a little chilly.....
Elder Teixera and Elder Kim, housemates in
Aveiro, sporting the same thermal leggings
at the mission council meeting.
Well, we started this week off running. On Tuesday, me and Elder Bortolo went to Porto for the mission council. All the ZLs and sister training leaders of the mission got together, and it was really cool. It was my first one so I was a little nervous, but it all worked out. Presidente shared with us what he learned at some training he had with the other mission presidentes of Europe, and then we started to discuss how we wanted to help our mission. As a council, we have been working with him throughout the week, to come up with a vision, goals, and plans of action, for the mission for the year of 2017. Tomorrow at Zone Conference, we'll see what happens.

Oh yeah, so me and Elder Bortolo have been running around like crazy the last two days to put everything together for the zone conference. Presidente will be there so that will make things interesting. Also the zone of Santarem will also be there, so Elder Meza will be there!!! Should be a great learning experience.

We went to Viseu and I did the baptismal interview for a guy who used to be a rapper named Big Smoke. He was super prepared and was baptized this past Saturday!!!
In Viseu, with Elder Leighton, Elder Cox
Elder Kim, and Elder Bortolo
We had a really good lesson with the family we found when I first got here. We've invited them to baptism twice now, and this past time it was super intense. We taught them the third lesson, and the spirit was sooo strong, just testifying to them that it was all true, but for now, they're gonna pray and see if it's all true.

We taught an atheist student who was super cool! We taught him super clearly about the existence of God, and the necessity of Him in our lives, and the restoration, and he was like, "yeah it all makes sense." Then he was like, "you know I want to believe, and I know my life would be easier if I did believe, but I'm just not capable of believing." We were like, "Bro, all you need is the desire!!! You can do it!!!" We're hoping to meet up with him again this week.

I know that God recognizes our efforts. I know that as we do our best, that He will bless us. I know that the blessings will only come as we continue to persevere to the end. I am sooo grateful for the opportunity I have here to help other people exercise these particles of faith, or even the desire to believe, so they can receive the eternal blessings of His gospel.

Family, I love you guys sooo much!!! Love seeing your smiling faces every week!!! Great job!!! Aunty Marta, parabens com o batismo de sua mãe!!! Por favor faça ela enviar me uma mensagem para que eu possa falar com ela!

Vos amo!!!!

Com amor,
Elder Kim

Some Pictures around Coimbra:

Elder Bortolo

On our way to the mall for a special lunch............

Worth the walk!!
Francesinhas!! It is what Elder Bortolo lives for!!

A vineyard in Lordemao

Fishsticks and Rice! It's what's for dinner!!

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