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Monday, January 18, 2016

Aloha 'oukou e ka 'ohana!!! Hola! Como tu estas?

So great to hear from you guys. Getting your emails is amazing and just makes my day. Emails are gold out here! I love you guys so much! From what I hear you guys are all progressing and doing well! It’s both exciting and sad that I'll miss this time to watch you, my brothers and sister, grow up.

It’s been a great week! We officially made one week this past Wednesday! It feels like forever ago, and just yesterday at the same time, that we got into the MTC. It was super cool to see all the new elders coming in! It just gets me so excited to see others starting God's work! It'll be awesome when you guys serve missions. I've been emailing Elder Ishibashi, and he and I agree, that you don’t fully understand or appreciate what missionaries do or talk about til you’re on your mission yourself. haha. Dad's probably laughing about that cuz he knows what I'm talking about.

As far as weather goes its been pretty good. Idk the exact temperature but it's snowed lightly twice this past week. It’s still pretty magical to me haha. We've been keeping warm though. I miss Hilo weather. 61 sounds amazing right now, but not having VOG is super nice. haha.

Remember that investigator I told you guys about? Irma Amanda (Sis. Amanda)? Well on Wednesday night we taught her about the 1st vision and Joseph Smith, much like her, had a question and how he prayed and received an answer and how she too could receive an answer to her questions. We explained that when we seek for answers and revelation we need to ask a question, ponder on it, pray about it, and then search the scriptures, and that thru the scriptures and the thoughts and feelings of your heart, you can gain an answer. I then asked her to pray to know if baptism was the way to go. She was hesitant, and asked what would happen if she got an answer, we said that baptism would be the goal. Then she asked what would happen if she didn't receive an answer. I was taken aback for a moment, but I recovered, side stepped her question and told her "Irma, noite, tu praticar fe por meio orar para Deus para receber respotas. Noss sei que tu receber respotas para tu perguntas" (its broken Portuguese but that's what I said haha), which translates roughly, "Tonight sister, you will practice faith and pray to God to receive answers. We know that you can receive answers to your questions". We each took a turn saying prayer, her last of all, and after, we committed her to baptism! It felt awesome! We were so excited!  I know that to be able to convert people you have to love them first, and with God we can do it. It was awesome! She’s now our new teacher, just like some of the other elders said she would be. Her name is Irma Smith, and she’s our language coach. I gotta try and get a pic with her and Irmao Staples this week. I love them so much! They’re so patient with us, and really want us to succeed. As far as my studies go, I’m improving. I’m understanding other people talking better. I'm able to respond better. I got the purpose down rock solid, and I’m confident in my simple prayers and testimony. I'm working my way thru the 1st vision now in Portuguese. Hopefully I'll have it memorized by next week's email. So much left to do though.

It’s so good to hear that everyone is doing well. I’m super excited to hear about Vaea and Kui. They’re gonna love it here. It’ll take some getting used to, but it’ll be awesome. For Kawena, her getting her endowments is super cool! From what I've seen, and from the elders and sisters I've talked to, there are a lot of people going to Asian language missions. I even talked to a group going to Kobe haha. But there’s tons going to Korea, Japan, and especially a lot going to Taiwan, mandarin speaking. Whenever I hear that I'm like, I have an uncle who went there. Uncle Keola's the man! haha.

We got to do initiatories this morning. Was soo nice to go temple! I can’t get over how big the Provo temple is in comparison to Kona. haha.

Interesting stuff, I got the finger snap down on both hands, the one where you kinda like flick your wrist and get your pointer finger to make a snapping sound. Its a missionary thing here, at least among the Portuguese missionaries. haha. My riddles were met with a lot of interest. Everyone’s finally figured out the umbrella party, but I still got bang bang click click, black magic and that card one. You guys got any others?

Know family that I love you guys sooo much! Jonah, Sam, Seth, and Haili, I love you guys so much. Seta, Haili, I love you guys. I know you guys are sad, but don’t worry, I’m still here and I miss you dearly. If it helps email me! Keep up the good work! Jonah, Sam, continue to work hard! Don’t lose focus though on those things that are truly important like family and God. It may sound corny, but it truly is the most important stuff, and when those things are our focus, everything else works out. Irmao Staples taught us that if things seem to be going wrong with school, family, whatever, its probably because your relationship with God is being neglected, and or weakening. Never forget Him! Mom, dad, you’re awesome! "Oh what can I say more" haha. To everyone else thank you so much! I love you guys! Thank you Grandma Foley and Aunty Barbara for your cards! I'll try reply as soon as possible!

As far as the songs go mom, plz send any kine, mele haipule, oli, whatever. I usually sing um in the shower to practice haha. Oh, and send pics of you guys doing whatever.

Oh one more experience. This week one of our district members got a concussion from knocking her head on the wall when she woke up. Idk how that happened but it did. She asked us to give her a blessing and we happily obliged. The elders of our district met briefly, went over the ordinance, then went for it. I anointed her head, and Elder Cannon sealed the anointing and blessed her. It was super awesome! The spirit was definitely present! It was Elder Cannon’s first blessing. What made it more interesting though was that that morning, I was thinking of leaving my consecrated oil behind at the room, but had the distinct impression to bring it with me. So I did, and its a good thing I did, cuz we needed it, and nobody else had. I know that was the spirit guiding me.

I love you, family! I know that God lives and loves us! I know that I'm supposed to be here. I’m excited for the work.

Me ke aloha, ate mais!
Elder Kim

p.s. mahalo no ka leka 'ana mai ma ka olelo hawai'i. oluolu e hoomau.

 Elder Kim w/ Bro and Sis Williams, 2nd Counselor in Branch Presidency
 Front row, left to right: Sis Reneer, Sis Fronger, Sis Willes, Sis Hart
Back row, left to right: Elder Kim, Elder Robertson, Elder Wanlass, Elder Cannon
Elder Kimʻs MTC District
 Elder Kim w/MTC Zone
 Elder Kimʻs name tag and snowy handprints
 Elder Kim in new fallen snow by Provo Temple


  1. Elder Kim, you are super! Thank you for sharing your love for all. You are a great missionary! I will share your message with Aunty Marleen and Telmage.

    Aloha, Uncle Derek

  2. Amazing experiences already in such a short time! What a blessing to be there! Great work!