Élder Kim was recently transferred to Vila Nova de Gaia, just south of Porto across the river Douro. The site dates back to Neolithic times. Gaia is famous for its 17 "Blue Flag" beaches. Church-wise, Gaia has the largest ward Élder Kim has served in. (In the picture, he shares the same "genealogy" with these elders: e.g. Élder Meza (right) is the "great-grandfather," and Élder Kim is his "son.")

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

*Note from parents

There have been some problems with sending letters to Elder Kim. Basically, anything sent to previous address is NOT getting to him. Per Elder Kimʻs request, send all correspondence via the mission office address. The blog page has been updated to reflect this.

Mahalo for your patience!

Da parents

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