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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aveiro 3-28-2016

Olá minha família!!! Como estão?! (how are you?)

Sou muito grato que eu tenho este oportunidade para escrever para vocês! (I’m so grateful for this opportunity I have to write to you guys!)

I don’t have a lot of time today so it’ll be a little rushed and jumbled. The place where we normally write is closed so we’re at a library, and I only have a limited time. I’m sorry to all of those who have written that I won’t be able to respond to because of the shortness of time. 

This week has both been awesome and frustrating at the same time. I’ll start off with the frustrating so I can end on a happy note haha.

Rulanda wasn’t confirmed again this week. She hadn’t been keeping our appointments, and had gone back into some old habits, as far as the palvra de sabedoria is concerned (Word of wisdom).  Thru a lot of work, we got her to church, but after some calls with President Amorim, the APs, the ZLs and the DL we decided that she was not yet ready to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She does have the desire though to get it, and so were working with her so that she will be able to receive it in 2 weeks. It really woulda been better if she hadn’t gotten trapped in the elevator and not gone to church. shucks haha

Other stuff is that of all the people we invited to church only 2 came, Rulanda and Idalina (Rulanda ended up leaving in the middle of sacrament). So that’s kinda frustrating. Also, a lot of our appointments fell thru with Easter and all that. Also because of Easter, it was hard to even make appointments. All good though.

Okay good stuff now haha.

Idalina was able to make it to church and that is awesome!!! I’m really hoping that we’ll mark her this week for baptism. She has doubts about how ready she is as far as how much she knows, but I was studying this morning for her, and I think Alma 18 should work for her. Força!!! haha

Church was awesome!!! I was able to help bless the sacrament again. Sadly, I mispronounced one word and had to redo it, unlike last time, but that’s ok, I’m improving. I was also asked to give a 10min talk about the life of Jesus Christ. I ended up talking for 25mins! I spoke about how He was our perfect example, and one way he was perfect was that He always looked outward, especially in those time when everyone probably woulda looked inward. He prayed for us in the garden, he looked after His mother while on the cross, He looked after the thieves while on the cross, He healed that guy’s ear after suffering for us. When everything shoulda made Him look inward, He always looked outward. I had some other examples, but that’s basically what I talked about. Also, I taught the Gospel Principles class hahaha. Busy day at church!!! 

Something I’ve learned is that I have learned SOOOO MUCH! I feel like I’ve grown soooo much!!! Not only in the language, but also just as a person!!! God is definitely strengthening me and helping me to become who He needs me to be. At the same time though, He is showing me where I need to improve, which I appreciate. I have sooooo much more to grow! It’s awesome! I love Him so much for helping me to recognize where I need to improve so I can be better. I’m just getting sooooo fired up for this next transfer!!! Me and Elder Meza are just gonna go peddle to the metal and work our butts off!!! Lovin it!

Other stuffs, the weather has been off and on. Mostly rainy though.

Easter was not too big it seemed, ironically enough. There was a ton of people everywhere, but there weren’t really any activities going on. Funny, yet sad thing is, when we're contacting people and stuff everyone’s like ‘yeah we believe in Christ, I have a lot of faith but.... I have my own way of doing things and I can’t listen to you cuz I’m busy’. Its all good though cuz it’s just awesome to be able to share the gospel with people and to see how much it could help them, even if they don’t see it.

I have eaten Bacalhau but the way they prepared it was kinda like tuna, so not that special. Also, I’ve been eating tripas which is basically a stuffed crape. I don’t really eat ‘em that often, like once a week, but they’re pretty good.

I haven’t gotten another card for the pictures. I’m sorry. I’ma try get one today, but idk if I’ll be able to. I haven’t gotten the letters. I think you sent it to the wrong place. I’m thinking that from now on, just send stuff to the mission office. It’ll take longer to get to me, but it’s more guarantee.

I’m happy to hear everyone’s progressing and moving forward with their lives. You guys make me sooo proud!!! Kuʻi you're a stud!!! There can only be one Hamma haha. Just remember who’s The Law though, hahaha jk! Family, I love you guys sooo much! I’m sooo grateful for all your emails and letters. I am trying to reply to all in the limited time I have. I love you guys soooo much! Tinham saúde! 

Até prómximo vez!
Elder Kim

p.s. please tell ʻOhu and Kuʻi to write me!!!!

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