Élder Kim was recently transferred to Vila Nova de Gaia, just south of Porto across the river Douro. The site dates back to Neolithic times. Gaia is famous for its 17 "Blue Flag" beaches. Church-wise, Gaia has the largest ward Élder Kim has served in. (In the picture, he shares the same "genealogy" with these elders: e.g. Élder Meza (right) is the "great-grandfather," and Élder Kim is his "son.")

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

* Notes from the parents

Aloha Everyone,

We received information from Elder Kimʻs mission president in Portugal regarding the mailing of packages to Portugal. If any of you are considering mailing packages to Elder Kim once he is in Portugal, we urge you to contact us, either Daisy or myself, before doing so. Portugal enforces strict mailing guidelines, which if not followed, may result in Elder Kim not getting the package, or getting it months later, and on top of that, he may possibly be forced to pay major fines/taxes/import duties (in excess of $100 US according to the mission president) just so he can get the package. Please, contact Daisy or myself before sending a package to Elder Kim in Portugal so that we may further advise you on these guidelines and procedures. Thank you for your considerate attention on this matter.

Mahalo nui,

Daisy and Kahale Kim (Elder Kimʻs parents)

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