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Monday, February 29, 2016

Aveiro!!!! I am in Aveiro!!

Aloha Kakou e Ka Ohana!!!

ESTOU EM PORTUGAL!!!!! I’m in Portugal!!!! So sorry for not writing last week, it’s been a crazy past week or so.

The flight over was super long but kinda nice. Salt Lake City to Chicago went smoothly. I sat next to an inactive member and was able to talk to her for a while about her family and stuff, and invited her to go back to church after sharing a few scriptures. It was cool, and I hope that she does decide to go back. We waited in Chicago for a while, and I was able to call home. I must say it was ssooooo nice to be able to hear you guys, Mom and Dad. Even though I know I have not heard your voice in like 2 months, it felt like I had just talk to you guys yesterday. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to talk longer. I guess since I was calling for Hawaii it cost more per minute. I’m grateful though that I was able to hear your voices. I was a crying wreck for a little while after though.

Chicago to Germany was super cool. The plane we went on had two stories!!! Super nuts!!! We flew premium economy and it was super comfortable. They served us food as well which was awesome. Sadly we couldn’t watch any of the free movies or listen to the free music, but I was able to sleep. Thank goodness!!! 

Germany was weird. I don’t know why, it just was. It felt weird. I know that sounds weird that it felt weird, but it did. Apparently though, I wasn’t the only one who felt like that. Kinda felt like everyone was gonna mug me or something. Thankfully nothing happened though and we were able to board our plane no problem. I learned that in Europe they don’t have water fountains!!! What’s with that??

We ended up getting to Portugal safe and sound. I met with President Amorim that night, and we later ate dinner with him and his wife at the mission home. He seems like a good man. I must say he intimidates me. From what I’ve seen, he’s super passionate about missionary work, and is very strict. It’ll be an interesting two years to say the least.

The next day we had our New Missionary training meeting, where basically they explained the expectations they have for us as missionaries, and after we were separated to be with our new companions. My new companion is Elder Meza. He’s from Colorado. His Dad is from Peru and his mom is from Ecuador. He’s been out about 6 months, and he’s mostly fluent since he already speaks Spanish. People are always asking him if he’s Brazillian. He’s super cool though, and I like him. We’ve been assigned to open a new area called Aveiro. It’s a city and its very nice. It’s a pretty big area. We don’t really have any investigators so the majority of our time has been knocking on doors and contacting. I need to improve at being confident in myself. It’s been good though. 

We’re staying with two other Elders in our residence, Elder Cox and Elder Gabbitas. They seem okay. Apparently I’m being spoiled here cuz we are currently in the nicest residence in the mission.

Yesterday, we went to church for the first time. It was cool! I was able to understand basically what the people were talking about but nothing specific. I was given the opportunity to introduce myself and it went well. Afterward everyone was telling me my Portuguese is really good for only being here 4 days. I was so proud but I realize I got soooo much more to learn. I am improving though, yeah!

We visited a shut-ins home last night, and it reminded me so much of home. They decided to feed us some food, and as soon as we’d finish one of something they’d fill our hands with the next thing. They wouldn’t let us leave empty handed. Soo much like home!!! It makes me so grateful to the people who feed the Elders. There’s no way I can repay that sort of thing and so one day I’ll pay it forward cuz that’s all I can do. Mom, know that I am being fed. All the times of us feeding the Elders are coming back around. We’ve only had a few member meals, like two, but I’m still super grateful and humbled.

The weather here has been pretty rainy, but its sunny today. The food here is pretty cheap it seems so that’s good. In the house we got to work on making better food, and planning out our meals cuz we were running out the other day. Thank goodness for P-Day.

I’ll admit my first few days were really hard. I was feeling pretty homesick but it’s getting better now as I get settled. I know that as I open my mouth, and focus on the work, and not on myself, it’ll work out. Know though that I’m okay, and I love you guys ALOT. Eu voces amo muito!!!! I’m sorry I’m not able to put more in here. There’s just no way to put it all in with the time I have. I love you though!!!

Ate a proximo vez minha familia!!!
-Elder Kim

P.s. What’s cool about your PS mom is that I know what you were saying!!!! Super cool!!! Thank you aunty Marta!!! Mom, if you can, ask her to write me in Portuguese? That’d be sooo cool! 

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  1. Hola!
    LOL, nah, Aloha e Elder Kim!

    This is NT Cheryl, I've been following your blog but didn't know what to write (and I've tried this twice and it didn't post! Hopefully, third times the charm!) It's been wonderful hearing about your new experiences, we miss you. The guys at work miss you too! They loved how you were ANOMOL! LOL They just poured building 11 at Kulalani, I think you were working on building 10 before you left. The Project Managers changed to a couple of Kupunas, lol. Unko Dave is going nuts with them, they're telling him to do all kind of stuff that is not part of what we are to do.

    I've tried asking the girls to write to you in Hawaiian but no luck so far. They are like SUPER swamped with homework and sports right now. Remember how Rainan would always be sleeping? It's WORSE now! Both Rainan and Aleia are sleeping a lot now! Aleia is doing water polo this season so she comes home at 6:30, eats and falls asleep doing her homework. She gets up and does her homework when we go to bed.
    Rainan is easier to wake so I let her sleep for a few min. then I'm bugging her to do her homework! They drive me nuts!

    Kiera and Denali are going to write below...

    Aloha e Hyrum,
    Makemake wau iā ʻoe he laki maikaʻi ma Portugal.Pehea ʻia maʻō a pehea ka meaʻai kekahi.Pehea kou hana nei ma Portugal.Pehea ka nānā ʻana o kou lumi ma laila.Pehea ke ʻano o ke anilā.
    Naʻu nō,
    na Denali a me Kiera Lee

    Mason wanted to write something too....
    Sorry about the gibberish of a 5 year old. It is word for word what he was telling me.

    I like to go on another island with you but I can't, I have to stay with mom and dad. So, I am going to play with my toys and my puzzles, I like to do something else Hyrum. Please tell me you're going to come back to this island, Hawaii. I'm going to miss you Hyrum. Please, I like you. Thank you. If you're coming to Hawaii, I like dinosaurs too. I'm going to stay at Hawaii for a long time. Please come back to Hawaii now, tell me what day are you coming back to Hawaii. Thank you. -Mason

    Ok, Hyrum, we gotta go for now...Safe travels where ever you go! Hopefully I can get them to write an actual handwritten letter to you! It's always exciting to get something in the mail! Mahalo for your service in the work of our Heavenly Father. Love you.
    NT Cheryl